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Zoysa banned cricket for corruption for 6 years

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Former Sri Lankan high-speed shooter Nuwan Zo oysa has been banned from playing cricket for six years for violating the International Council on Crimea’s anti-corruption code.

On Wednesday, the ICC issued a statement announcing that the Zoysa ban had been postponed until October 31, 2018, when the left-hand base of the previous test was temporarily suspended.

In November last year, the Independent Anti-Corruption Tribunal found Zo ousa guilty of violating three counts, including failing to disclose the full details of any approaches or invitations received for corrupt conduct under the Code.

Allegations of a T10 League in the United Arab Emirates in 2017, when Youssef was a bowling coach in Sri Lanka.

“Promoting game fixing betrays the basis of sporting principles. “It will not be tolerated in our sport,” said Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager for Integrity. “Nuwan has made 125 appearances for Sri Lanka, taking part in a number of anti-corruption sessions during his decade-long international career.

“He should have played an exemplary role as a national coach. “Instead, he mingled with one corruptor and tried to corrupt others.”

Zo oys, who will turn 43 next month, played 30 tests in a decade և 95 one-day international players until 2007. He ran 64 wickets and 108 runs in ODIs in test matches.


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