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Your mobile phone must be built to work

Renewability is a proven way of longevity. Materials become waste when they are no longer useful! Sometimes it’s just a process of progress. At other times, the rationale is much harder to understand, such as when a Sonos speaker’s access to software updates overnight!

While tech companies often talk about sustainability, many are lobbying for repairs, fearing it will reduce their violence and wipe out their profits. This can cause a kind of cognitive dissonance.

Apple’s annual environmental report released this month ensures that the company is committed to device longevity and stability. He also talks about the Apple Pencil stylus, as if it has secrets that are lost in some parts of the Rosetta stone. The company “designs, develops, and tests other disassembly tools, including new methods of recovering materials from the Apple Pencil,” he says, adding that the methods could only be reversed and could not be integrated from the earliest design stage.

The point of the inside, here is the communication. Stability is important, but for those companies, the design for sale seems even more important. Consumers are being pressured every year to upgrade their devices. More than 1 billion smartphones were shipped in 2020, a poor year due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Manufacturers need to do better. Your devices must be fixed for all software updates, compatible with them for as long as possible, and not artificially obsolete. Consumers should support the legislation on the right to compensation. Buy whatever you want, be it a luxury refrigerator or a smartphone. No one changes the world with an iPhone 7 this year, but learn to ask three simple questions when shopping: “How much will it cost?” How are you: Repair it when it breaks? ” և “How do I recycle when I need a new device?” Get involved և fix your device or move it to a trusted processor when the time comes (for example, Apple Store staff can help you with this).

In this world, harm is certain. However, we can not leave things broken. The problem we have created is a problem that has a solution.

Bring Damon (@dlberes) is a journalist who specializes in the impact of technology on people: on the planet. He founded the OneZero post on Medium.


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