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Yankees SS Torres cleaned up after a positive COVID-19 test

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Glaber Torres could return to the New York Yankees on Wednesday, a week after being tested for COVID-19 in a fully inoculated short-stalk.

Manager Aaron Boone said on Tuesday that Torres had been cleared by a joint Major League Baseball committee and was already on his way to Texas to join the team. The short line can be activated on Wednesday.

Asymptomatic vaccinated people may return if they test twice negatively.

Since last week, Torres has been the only player in the nine positive positions of the Yankee mobile party, which includes three coaches and five employees. Boone said Torres is the only one in the group who wants to return.

The shortcut was quarantined in Tampa, where he worked Monday through Tuesday before leaving for Texas.

Torres tested positive for COVID-19, although he was fully vaccinated and had previously been infected with the coronavirus during the off-season. Four of the three trainers իկ mobile staff were also positive for their progress, which means that they were positive despite being fully vaccinated.


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