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“Writing before the mask” 2020 collection of essays “tries to make sense of it all”

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Some learned to bake. Others to play a musical instrument or build a collection of pipes.

Then there were seven retired women, longtime friends, ambitious writers, who began to record, share their thoughts of the past year, and include them in a book.

“We had no idea what we were doing,” said Beth Weir. Views in 2020 “self-published collection, which is sold in Third Place Books.

“We were class amateurs in it, we were in a mess.”

And yet, everyone began to fall in love when the epidemic began, navigating things like grocery shopping as difficult as being together with loved ones, day and night.

Essays try to capture the dismantled life created by the epidemic.

“It was such an experienced year, so beyond everyone’s experience,” said Weir, a retired professor at Newland ելland ության College of Education. The lives of the movement and the elections matter.

“He just came and went.”

The group has been meeting for about a decade, united by different forms. Some were taking classes together, some were living in the same neighborhood.

“We were all looking for a retirement pension something“We would meet at our house, drink coffee, have a snack, and bring what we had written,” said Weir.

One of the members of the writing course was told to write down his experience when the blocking intensified. Others followed his example.

Everyone had what Weir called “deep personal problems.”

She was losing her boyfriend every month, not just the coronavirus.

“Where do you put yourself when you try to deal with all this?” he asked. “It simply came to our notice then. Not being able to see grandchildren or go to events that were dear to our minds. ”

One of Uri’s essays. “Would our split be narrow if we just talked and listened?” The Breaking National reported.

“My personal experience as an American has been very fulfilling, but over time, while living in the United States, I have become uncomfortable with the growing number of native-born people who have no place in society.”

Member Wanda Herndon, a former Starbucks CEO, was shocked by the killing of George Lloyd Floyd by police and wrote a poem, “I Cry,” which was also published in The Breaking National.

“I weep for the lost American dream

It has been replaced by the nightmare of love then and now

Only we understand. ”

“How do I talk to my sister?” Tyson Greer wrote about his struggle, talking about the killing of black people by police with his brother or sister living in North Carolina.

“We share blonde hair, blue eyes, a love of gardening and cooking. In our view, we are sometimes continental.”

In “More Cases of COVID”, Mary Ann Gonzalez wrote that she was hit by a “human touch” when she went for a haircut. Laura Celis Lipman wrote a poem called “Psilocybe Love Story”.

“Fearless totems of hope and strength, I am looking for their livelihood in the coming difficult days.”

In the section “The calculated risk is new”, Jane Ein Spalding described the frustration and joy of finding a place to escape, but safe. “Առաջարկում Nature offers stability despite human stupidity.”

And in “Kindness in Crisis”, Susan Tedesco captured the gestures of joy she had seen in the first days of the germination block. Search for treasures with dozens of hidden but visible objects to identify from the sidewalk. ”

After that, everything will get dark soon.

The pieces are divided into a list of events that occur during each month of the year. For example, July 2020 included Europe, which, after months of blockade, opened its borders to 15 “safe countries” for the first time in a single day, reaching more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases. US withdrawal from the World Health Organization; : Former President Barack Obama praised the funeral of Congressman John von Lewis.

Weir was surprised by the fact that the female generation of the group “really” never lived anything but growing prosperity.

“We did not have depression, war,” he said. “Even an epidemic of polio. We did not have something that was really a global event.

“So how do we measure ourselves as a generation?” How do we show ourselves to have fibers? That was a convincing question for me. “

He hopes that this will be answered in the essays, which are grouped “without any noticeable tension, of which I am very proud”, given the number of people involved and the anxiety of the time.

“If you write a book, you have to trust people,” he said. “And we trust each other completely.”

Proceeds from the book will go to Literacy Source, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income people gain literacy skills, citizenship, and ways to achieve GED.

“The book was a way to divert our energy so we would not despair,” Weir said. “We had somewhere to go safely, to ventilate.” You can only have so many conversations with your spouse about the same thing. ”


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