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Woj drops bomb on future of play-in format after this season

NBA fans will be treated to what should be a thrilling set of games this week as the league heads into the play-in tournament stage. As it turns out, the NBA is very likely to adopt this format on a more permanent basis, with the possibility of a mid-season play-in tournament also a possibility.

This report comes directly from NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

“I think the play-in tournament is gonna be there in the future. And I think you’re gonna hear more conversation moving forward about a mid-season tournament,” Woj said, via Nico Martinez of Fadeaway World. “But I think that’s once we get out of this shortened season and get back to a normal 82-game schedule that’s on a regular NBA calendar.”

As it is, the play-in tournament has already been met with a ton of criticism mostly from the players and the coaches. There have been some who have been in favor of the league’s unconventional format, but for the most part, it has been received quite negatively.

Woj did not provide any details as to how the mid-season play-in tournament will work and what purpose it will serve. What we are sure of is that this will garner even more controversy if and when the NBA makes the announcement.

As for this week’s play-in festivities, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors who are going to battle for the seventh spot. The loser of that matchup will face off against the winner of the battle between the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs, who in turn will secure the eighth seed.

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