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Wizards wins 5th game in a row, beat Lakers 127-124 in OT

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Bradley Bill scored six of his 33 points in three consecutive overtimes in overtime, և The Washington Wizards extended their longest winning streak of three years by 5-1, beating the declining Los Angeles 127-124. Monday night.

Russell Westbrook added six of his 32 points in extra time to the Wizards in the second half, down from 17 points. Washington then took advantage of a free throw missed by LeBron James Ames with a delay in regulation to begin its first win over the Lakers at the Staples Center in March 2017.

“It feels great differently,” Bill said of the Wizards’ impressive five-game game against Boston, Houston, Denver, Portland and the Lakers. “It feels great, but at the same time, we have not done anything damn yet. We realize it, we keep saying it to each other. We still have bad habits that we need to break, but we do not discount what we did. ”

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope added a 3-point shot in 36 seconds of added time, reducing the Wizards’ lead to 125-124. Westbrook lined up before the free throw, but James Ames and Kyle Kuzman missed the end of the three before the buzzer.

“It was difficult, but we always stayed together,” Westbrook told the Wizards, who started the season 6-17. “It simply came to our notice then. “If you fall for everything that happens, teams and players tend to split up, but we always stay together; we communicate how to become a better team, it gives us results.”

James Ames made 31 points, 13 assists and և 9 rebounds for the Lakers, who struggled in five games in the second half of their fourth defeat.

After moving to the Lakers in the fourth quarter, James Ames equalized when the rules remained for 9.8 seconds, but missed a further free throw to push Los Angeles forward. Beal longed for a long jump at the sound.

Monretzl Harel scored 26 points in the 26th season և made 9 appearances for the reigning NBA champions, who lost three in a row for the first time this season, չեն it was no coincidence that they did not play three consecutive games without Anthony Daisy և Dennis Schroeder.

“It is necessary for an entire team to win collectively. Right now we have two boys in our main rotation,” said Kuzman, who had 14 points. “Obviously, there are no excuses. You do not want to lose to a team like 500, but this is the NBA, everyone can win. We just have to understand that. “

Davis missed the fourth game in a row, the All-NBA big man is out for at least three weeks due to a calf injury. Schroeder will miss at least one game under NBA health and safety protocols.


Wizards. Washington has not won four in a row in its last five wins in February 2018.… Former Lakers S Mo Wagner had six points and former Lakers swinging Isaac Bonga did not play.

Lakers. Mark Gasol scored four points in the first quarter. He finished with seven points in 27 minutes. D Caldwell-Pope scored 21 points.

King minutes

James Ames, 36, played more than 43 minutes in the Lakers’ fourth extra day in 17 days, all at home against record-breaking teams.

James Ames is third in the NBA in total minutes, more than 200 more on the Lakers list than anyone else. He claims that he is not worried about the workload, even after studying he will have to go to the All-Star Game instead of relaxing.

“It’s something I’ve done before,” said James Ames. “I can continue to do that, but I would rather we were complete.”


Wizards. Tuesday at the Los Angeles Clippers.

Lakers. In Utah Jazz on Wednesday.


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