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With 200,000 cases of 14M virus in the skies over 1 day in India

NEW DELHI (AP) – India on Thursday reported more than 200,000 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to more than 14 million as the escalating outbreak puts a heavy burden on its fragile healthcare system.

In the capital New Delhi, more than a dozen hotels and wedding halls have been commissioned to be converted into COVID-19 centers near hospitals.

“The increase is alarming,” said SK Sarin, government health expert in New Delhi.

The financial capital of Mumbai, India’s largest city, is in turmoil to prevent the virus from spreading. The operation, launched by the state of Maharashtra on Wednesday night, closed most of the industry, business and public places, restricted the movement of people for 15 days, but did not stop the air-train communication of the trains.

In recent days, migrant workers carrying backpacks have flocked to overcrowded trains, leaving Mumbai, which is migrating among panicked day laborers.

In addition to the 200,739 new cases of infection, the Ministry of Health reported that 1,038 people had died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 173,123 since the epidemic began last year.

India’s cases are second only to the United States, followed by the United States, Brazil and Mexico. The real numbers could be much higher for India’s population of almost 1.4 billion with limited trials.

Virologist Shahid Jam Amil said the recent local state elections with mass political rallies and a large Hindu festival where hundreds of thousands of devotees bathed in the Ganges River in the northern city of Haridwar were overwhelming events.

India boosts vaccine engine The Ministry of Health said that the total number of vaccines exceeded 114 million, with more than 3 million doses on Wednesday.

Hospitals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and several other states in Gujarat were overcrowded with patients reporting several cases of lack of oxygen cylinders.

According to Indian media reports, cremation sites were also struggling to cope with the growing number of bodies arriving in recent ceremonies.

Imran Sheikh, a resident of West Pune, said the hospital had asked him to arrange an oxygen gas cylinder for his relative, who was receiving COVID-19 treatment.

New Delhi և dozens of other cities և cities imposed a night curfew as they battled infection rates that almost doubled in 11 days.

When infections began to plummet in India in September, many concluded that the worst was over. Masks և social distance were abandoned. When things started to pick up again in February, the authorities were in turmoil.



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