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Winston rejoins Saints in 2021 after Breeze retires

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NEW ORLANE – The New Orleans Saints are bringing back midfielder Ame Winston on a one-year contract.

The move, announced by Saints general manager Mickey Lumis, comes in the wake of Drew Breeze’s decision to retire over the weekend, allowing Winston to compete with Thaysom Hill, who will be New Orleans center’s next start.

Winston enters the NFL with high expectations after winning the 2013 Heisman Trophy և Tampa Bay was selected as the first in the 2015 NFL draft. He started five seasons for the Buccaneers, who allowed Winston to join the free agency in 2020 after deciding to replace Tom Brady.

Brady led the Buccaneers to victory in the French second Super Bowl, while Winston served as a reserve player for the NFC Southern Division champions Saints.

In his first season, Winston played sparingly in New Orleans, even though Bryce missed four games with a spinal cord injury.

In the absence of Breeze, Hill started 3. 1 score as a starting lineup.

Winston really replaced Brice by one half as a result of the victory over San Francisco. A game that Bress started before leaving the half due to a chest injury. Although Winston did not hit the back of the net in that game, he led two goal drives, one for a precise shot and one for a field goal in a 27-13 victory.

In total, Winston played for New Orleans in four regular-season games, making 7 to 11 assists for 75 yards.

He also made his way to the NFC playoff round losing to Tampa Bay, completing a 56-yard pass to Tre’Quan Smith, leading the Saints 13-10.

Throughout his career, Winston has played in 76 regular-season games with 70 starts, finishing 61.4% of his passes in 19,812 yards with 121 touches, while scoring 88 blocks. He also hurried to 1040 yards և 10 touches.

But the Bucs struggled to win with Winston, going 28-42 in the opening games.

In 2019, Winston led the NFL with 5,109 yards, finishing second with 33 touchdowns, but he got the dubious difference by being the first NFL QB in the same season with at least 30 TDs և 30 intercepts.

Joining the Saints in a one-year deal in 2019, Winston took on his acting role in Tampa Bay’s inconsistent results while there. He said he sees moving to the Saints as an opportunity to change the course of his career for the better, learning from Brees’s all-time leading NFL passer-by, Sean Peyton, the New Orleans crime planner.

“One thing I’m really excited to learn is the most exciting thing about this semester room,” Winston said last April. “What is the approach of coach Peyton every week? What is Drew’s approach? What does Taysom do in the room that I can add to my game? Just trying to find different things, serving this team, learning from everyone. ”

He will now have his second season in New Orleans, based on those lessons, and may reappear as the start of the NFL.


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