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Williamson scores 38 points, Pelicans use the late run to lead the Mavericks

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NEW ORLANE – Zion Williamson scored 38 points, including 10 points for New Orleans 18-8 at the last 3:42, and Nickel Alexander-Walker added 20 points to give the Pelicans a 112-103 lead. Mavericks.

Williamson, who scored 39 points in a close defeat to Denver on Friday night, recorded his 23rd consecutive game with at least 20 points.

The Mavericks played without attacking Luka Doncic, who recovered from illness, and Christaps Porzingis in the center, who was resting in the second half of the return leg.

With 3:42 left, Dallas took a 95-94 lead, but Williamson closed with 10 points, with Alexander Walker adding two three-pointers.

The Mavericks were led by Tim Hardaway Jr., who scored 21 of his 30 points in the first half. Alain Brunson, who started with Donchich, added 24 points.

The Pelicans closed the first quarter with 13 points in a row to build a 35-20 lead. Alexander Walker led New Orleans to 11 points in the first quarter, including a long-range shot from 3 to 5 for the injured Lonzo Ball.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Dallas fell behind 44-30, but ran 17 points in a row, Hardaway with a score of 11 in 4:45, gaining a 47-44 advantage. Hardaway hit all the strikers with 21 points from 12 shots in the first half, and Mavs’ 33-18 lead in the second quarter led to a 53-53 draw.

New Orleans missed nine consecutive strikes during the second quarter of May, while Williamson, on the bench for most of the Dallas run, ended the drought with a layout. Williamson led the Pelicans with 15 points in the first half, shooting 6 out of 10.

“Mavs” scored the first eight points of the second half, and “Pelicans” kept undefeated with the first score of 3:30, leading 61-53.

Eric Bledsoe gained a 3-3 advantage over New Orleans when the Pelicans restored the lead to 70-68. Williamson was 10 points in the quarter, and Pelicans was ahead of the fourth with a score of 80-78.

The Pelicans built an 87-79 lead, but Dallas continued to dribble 14-4 to a 93-91 lead, creating the final wave of New Orleans.


Mavericks. After losing 109-94 to Indiana on Friday night, Doncic missed the game against the Pelicans with an illness that coach Rick Carlisle said was not related to COVID-19. “She is OK. We sent him back to the hotel, “said Carlisle. “We always hope it is not serious. We do not believe that is the case. ” Զ Porzingis was taken to relax his knees. “We just feel like it’s the best thing for the team,” Carlisle said. “I’m talking about the big picture of the season.” Հետո After the first quarter, Dallas fell behind for the 10th consecutive game. They went 5-5 in those games.

Pelicans. The ball misses its fourth game in a row with the right hip flexed. C Duplicate Cax Axon Hayes came out on the field on Friday night from a right wrist dunk while diving against Denver. Իրենց In their first game of the season, Williamson finished 15th with 14 points, hitting the floor.


Mavericks. In Oklahoma City on Monday.

Pelicans. Monday in Boston.

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