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Williamson, Ingram Playkans strength, passing the Clippers 135-115

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NEW ORLEAN. (AP) – Zion Williamson tangled at full speed with dribbles, pin bounce passes, even in the usual repertoire of force ends at the edge of the lobby. That led to the Los Angeles Clippers’ defensive convulsions as the Pelicans scored in their second straight victory.

Williamson had 27 points and five assists, Brandon Ingram had 23 points and New Orleans had beaten the Clippers 135-115 on Sunday night.

“We were under attack,” said Pelicans coach Stan Van Gandy. “And then, because we hit a few times, I think Zion left room to go to the basket. Եւ We know if he has a place to go to the basket, I mean you will not stop it.”

Williamson assaulted the Clippers near the basket, blasting them to the hoop, dribbling discs or jumping into a crowd of defenseless defenders, or jackets colliding with jackets. He skillfully handled the ball, bouncing with passes, placing the osh osh Hart 3 կտր Eric Bledsoe cut line, և the Axon Hayes Lane dumpster.

“Whatever team I need, that’s what I’m ready to do, be it a score, play defense, facilitate,” said Williamson, ending his youth guard days. “The coach really put me in a position to make the game easier, to really open the game.”

Ingram attacked Los Angeles with cutting carriers, pull-ups, three 3-point shots, including one in case of a 4-point error.

Lonzo Ball scored five 3 points Նոր 20 points for New Orleans, who scored 65.4% (53 against 81) in the NBA season. Hayes underscored his season-high 17 points with a puck in which he actually jumped over the Clippers goalkeeper Reggie Regxon before hitting the acks from Exxon’s head.

“I was just trying to get the ball in the basket,” said Hayes, who has been in the top three since high school.

Hayes was assessed as a technical error as he was standing on top of the head elixir after the game for a ridiculous shot.

“Obviously I climbed a little bit,” Hayes said sarcastically.

The technical was not possible one night, when New Orleans beat the Clippers 72-40, leading with 33 points. Two nights after beating Cleveland 34.

In the Clippers, Cavi Leonard scored 23 and the acks Exxon 18, who were without right-back Patrick Beverly due to a right-knee injury. After three quarters, 110-83, the Clippers coach Tyrone Lew sent a number of reserves to open the fourth round.

“It simply came to our notice then. “They were tougher than us. We saw the results.” “We have to be more physical, we have to have a defensive mindset to start every game. “They easily passed the first quarter and then it was just an easy game for them.”

Leonard called the last irregular play of the Clippers “very disturbing”, adding: “If we want to have a chance at something, you have to be consistent.”

The ball stimulated the Pelicans to attack in the first half, when he scored 14 points, supporting four baskets. New Orleans raised their fourth 3 to 55-42.

The Clippers reduced it to 10, 67-57, when Luke Kenard’s right hand went down 3, when the horn sounded during the half.


Clippers. Paul George Cave scored 15 points in 23 minutes. … Canard scored 15 and Amir Coffin 13 13 …… acks Exxon started with Burley և played 24 minutes. 43 The 43rd hit of the 3-point range. … Reserves together scored 53 points.

Pelicans. He has scored at least 66 points in two consecutive games. … Hayes has scored 24 of his last 27 shots և has scored in two consecutive games this season. Kira Lewis Jr. osh Osh Hart scored 13 points each. … New Orleans scored 12 of 26 3-pointers. 38 Combined 38 goal assists as a team, two of which were less than the record of the license. Despite 19 turnovers, easily won. … Reserves together scored 49 points.


Recalling Hayes Bay on the es Exon, Williamson said he thought the Clippers’s guard made a “perfect” defensive turn, cutting Hayes up to the ring.

“It was a good defense,” Williamson said with a smile. “If I were you, I think I would make a business decision, I would be chosen by the way, to be honest.”


Clippers. Visit Mavericks on Monday night, the first of two games in three nights in Dallas.

Pelicans. Open a three-game trip to Portland on Tuesday night.


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