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Why do people spend hours in the Clubhouse? That (usually) is not the amount

Like most Clubhouse users, Rahaf Harfoush does not make any money on the app. But he does help others avoid losing.

Harfush, a digital anthropologist and author based in Paris, is part of an “anti-corruption squad” that helps newcomers to the new audio-interactive streaming platform avoid scams.

Veteran’s staff dedicates hours each week to free first-time user handling courses, and holds a weekly room or session in the app to document the shady practices they see. Harfush believes that the closeness of the Clubhouse’s dimension – the discussion of the conference panel – the radio program, even the familiar scams make it more effective. “We are naturally more persuasive in listening to someone than in reading,” he said.

But on the plus side, Harfush says he encourages his friends to spend hours each week volunteering for a venture capital firm.

Harfush’s mother, who died in November, would have turned 65 on the last Saturday in February. On Friend, a friend suggested that a song be sung live on Clubhouse as a memorial service., Harfush decided to open the room to any user.

“After all, we had more than a thousand people who came together, listened, and it turned into this really touching tribute to my mother, a celebration I would never have expected,” Harfush said. “Being digitally surrounded on stage by some really good friends I made in this app really brought me a lot of peace.”

Despite only invitations, the Clubhouse has become a mainstay in recent months. Launched as a Silicon Valley Elite Reserve last summer, the app slowly grew in size to a small town in the fall. Thanksgiving, the Clubhouse was transformed into a modest city of 100,000 users. It reached a million before the New Year. It now has more than 10 million users.

Many are attracted by the simple curiosity or the promise to jump into a room with a favorite celebrity. Some pursue the influence of fame և growing crowds. The others are there because it’s their job to figure out what’s going on in the social tech world. Mostly only the most popular performers make money on the app, asking for advice from fans through payment programs.

And then there are those scammers.

Gifts run the most elementary. They persuade people to pay for app invitations, or that they have to pay to enter another user’s room or club, a multipurpose clothing store.

Harfush says users have used playgrounds to become business professionals, where they hope entrepreneurs will outline their dreams for a new business on stage and then register the names of nearby domains in hopes of selling them. “Fake literary agents promise ambitious authors that they will change their manuscripts, contact the publishers in advance.

Other users pretending to be music producers invite beatmakers to present their tracks live for criticism, and then simply steal the robbery as their own. And motivational speakers are using the Clubhouse as a new venue to convince everyone that they can learn how to become a millionaire if they only pay thousands of dollars for an exclusive executive coaching seminar. Audience plants, fake time limits, and other hard-selling tactics abound.

The anti-corruption squad aims to keep their bad actors’ weekly sessions to a minimum, in part to avoid another risk posed by the Clubhouse’s rise – persecution or retaliation. Users with significant follow-up can set up mass blocking և reports on users who accuse them of illegal activities (or whom they simply do not like), which can lead to a temporary suspension. Clubhouse declined to comment on this article.

Minh Don, a member of the Los Angeles-based Entrepreneurship Fighting Squad, said he spends hours every week in community effort as the Clubhouse enriches his daily life during the epidemic. He has not missed a day at the Clubhouse since joining for the first time in July, although his use has dropped from his early peak of six to seven hours a day.

When users decided in December to stage a live performance of “The Lion King”, Do decided to hold an audience on the larva. He involved Timon’s cast, co-wrote with the collaborators, and prepared the first original play about the Clubhouse. “Once Upon a Clubhouse”:

“Sound acting was something I always wanted to try,” Don said. As the app changed, he noticed how his role in life was changing. In the beginning, when a small user base gathered in just a handful of rooms, it was a place to meet new people and talk about new ideas. Then, when enough people came together to populate a room on any topic, he began to pursue his long-standing interests by founding clubs that focused on philosophy, meditation, and Asian issues. Now that the app has become a world to him, Do. “I can study parts of me that I have not fully explored.”

Some users brought the wave of early 2021 to the new heights of the famous Clubhouse.

Bomani X joined the app last July as a young musician and digital strategist who wanted to kill time during the blockade in Los Angeles. He began experimenting with music in the app, hitting his guitar amidst the talk, and then running the Cotton Club in the DJ Room of the Week. Along the way, he helped popularize artists or speakers with payment apps, which spurred the growth of the music industry, creating the “Lion King” production featuring Don.

In December, during the user boom, Clubhouse chose X as the face of the app (the company changes its app icon every month with a profile picture of a popular user). He reached 1 million followers in January, and just a few weeks later – 3 million.

“It might be weird,” said X. “I’m not really a celebrity, but the Clubhouse app has a culture of celebrities.” The clubhouse rooms are divided into a virtual speaker stage and an audience. Room creators can choose և who they will allow to perform on stage. Every time X goes on stage, 3 million users receive a notification to join the room.

X estimates his newfound energy he recently used to help raise money, which raised $ 75,000 in four hours for people suffering from frostbite in Texas. But the effect can turn intimate conversations into thousands of events in seconds. “I feel bad when I’m spoiling my emotions,” X said, adding that he reduced his casual use of the app.

Just Astin Kahn, who joined early as a tech expert. He founded Twitch, a live video game company, and later sold it to Amazon for $ 970 million – using the Clubhouse as a sandbox to spit out new ideas.

When he started using the app regularly in early January, he and his friend Andrew Lee decided to try a game show’s gauge to get rid of Lee’s extra Instant Boiler. The listener who answered the trivial question won an electronic pressure cooker, I the I AM WOW $ Show (abbreviation of the International Association of Members Who Only Win Money) was born.

In less than two months, Kan’s weekly room is the first Clubhouse-sponsored gaming show. The Cash App payment processing service has agreed to provide the prize money, and Kan estimates that so far the contestants have won more than $ 10,000.

Clubhouse is “very similar to Twitch,” said Kahn, “like his former company, he creates a new creator’s egg, in this case one that thrives only on the audio scale.” “There is a new talent that is created in such an environment, it is kind of fascinating.”

Like Kan, Baratunde Thurston entered the fray only once, when the user base expanded this year. As a longtime speaker of the tech world, a consultant-humorist, he received an early invitation to register to claim his name, but did not spend much time on the app.

“It was very prevalent in VC, Bey-Ara technology stuff,” Thurston said. “I was like, ‘Should I listen to the venture capitalists talking about the American race?’ Probably not. ‘”

When he saw that more friends were gathering at the beginning of the year, however, he decided it was time to jump. Now it hosts many rooms every week, warming up to the boundless audio landscape.

“It’s like a super conference because it can host any panel, any fire department, any performance on any topic,” Thurston said. He found himself adapting to the Black Billionaire Crypto Club, եց quoting a room called Bearded Black Men, which reads to you before going to bed, և this is what seems to be an example of the creativity bestowed by the app.

“As someone who has spoken at many conferences, including the Surf Summit 2013, it turns out that everyone wants their own,” said Thurston. “Would people from all over the world want to come together at the same time to discuss something?” I think so. “

And as a frequent adopter, a frequent host of public billboards, Thurston advises moderators to be moderate. “I try to keep my rooms for two hours, two and a half hours,” Thurston said. “I can not do these six-hour or 24-hour rooms. I have nothing to prove, I have to eat and talk to my wife. “


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