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Who will present the best to the sailors? Choose your next patent person

Felix Hernandez. Ken Griffith Jr. Edgar Martinez. Ichiro

As a privilege, the player is more than just the best of his team. The distinction goes beyond the pitch, representing the team in everything it does.

In the riders were looking for a face of privilege, because in 2019. After the season, King Felix left Seattle. The reorganization of the team claimed to be one of the most recognizable names, leaving some others in the limelight, Kyle Siger.

But that does not mean that one of their young stars can not fill that void.

We have found categories that we believe may be relevant to the player inheriting the membrane. But it’s up to you, the fans, to choose the face of the franchise. After all, this is not something anyone can decide. This player needs your support.

Here are the candidates.

  • Award winner:Kyle Lewis, midfielder
  • AceMarco Gonzalez, starting pitcher
  • The Future, Part I:Arred Kelenich, midfielder
  • The gloveEvan White, first baseman
  • The Future, Part IIJulio Rodriguez, midfielder

Vote for the player you think is the best in each category և See how your Marine fans voted for our franchise poll below. Then show your support by posting your choice on social media with our social cards.

Talent matters more than anything else. You can not be the face of the license if you do not have the talent to do something great on the field. And it has to be a level of talent that elevates you from the average player.

Having the right personality is important. You have all the talent in the world, but if you have a person who does not like to be liked, the fans will never accept you as a privilege. Just ask Alex Rodriguez.

Baseball is often called a results-based business. You have to bring results on the field to be a franchisee. And you have to do it consistently. Ichiro used the starting point of three years of lasting success.

The idea of ​​longevity is important, because the face of the patent is one that has been around for a long time, not just three years. It’s a relationship և a responsibility that builds over time.

We’ve all seen Edgar Martinez’s double against Ken Griffy Jr. in the 1995 win over the Yankees. That’s essential. Although the post-season success does not play a big role in their current drought, it should be possible to get the Marines out of the playoffs.

You want confidence without being arrogant. You want a sobriety: a liar who is not yielding. When Grife took that position after Homer or Hernandez punched him after the shot, it created confidence among his team-mates and fans.

Special lighting moments cling to your memory, reminding you of greatness. In a home derby, Griffin hits a building in Baltimore or catches a New York hunter while robbing robbery of Barfield. Hernandez puts his hands up in the air after his perfect game. A legend was born when Dave Nyhaus threw Ichiro into the third post to cut Terence Long.

Maybe it’s charisma. Maybe it’s a look. Maybe it’s a picture. But it is different from the rest. Ichiro embodied this kind of aspect, from the sword before each pitch to the mirror Oakley sunglasses and the way he wore his uniform.

Delivery, when it’s most important, will quickly raise your status. Can you play in the biggest moments of the game? Can you deliver when your team needs it most? The more you do it, the more you will be remembered.

Your next face of the Mariners franchise is the player you choose the most. Click on the link, download the social card և post your choice on social networks. Do not forget to tag @SeaTimesSports: On Twitter!

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In the opening day of the riders It’s Thursday, April 1 against the San Francisco Giants at 7 p.m. On the 10th. Click here for full coverage of the Mariners Season preview.

Development: Emily Ang / The Breaking National, Mariners writer Ryan Divish contributed to this project.


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