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Whitmer suggests supplying propane after the pipeline closes

A BOSASHR. CA CITY, Michigan (AP) – The administration of Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on Friday a plan to make sure Michigan has enough propane in the event of a controversial pipeline shutdown.

The strategy addresses a frequent objection to the Democratic governor’s demand that Enbridge Inc. decommission its fifth line, a leading natural gas liquefied carrier refined in Prapan to heat many homes in Michigan.

It calls for more investment in rail և propane storage infrastructure, and promises to find new suppliers to work with the industry to overcome potential shortages. It offers more energy efficiency ավելի greater use of other sources, including renewables.

“Governor Whitmer remains committed to ensuring that the state’s energy needs are met when the Enbridge oil pipeline closes, and this program fosters that commitment by protecting consumers and their booklets,” said Chelsea spokeswoman Luis-Parisio.

Enbridge rejected the offer, saying it was “currently dependent on Michigan propane or completely unsuccessful to replace the power supply”, adding that it would exacerbate the pollution by demanding more of other means of transport that would increase customer costs.

In line 5, oil and gas liquids are transported to northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and part of the lower Northern Peninsula. The 4-mile (6.4-kilometer) section splits into two pipes that cross the bottom of the Strait of Macking, which connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Whitmer last fall ordered the company to close the 645-mile (1,038-kilometer) line by May, switching to environmental and tribal groups who say it is vulnerable to the destruction of the lakes.

Enbridge, who is battling the governor’s order in court, says the 68-year-old line is in good condition but that he wants to replace the underwater section with a new pipe that will fit into a tunnel under the lake floor. The company has received state environmental permits for the project և looking for others.

Enbridge says Line 5 accounts for 65% of propane demand in the Upper Peninsula and 55% nationwide. For Love of Water, the environmental group says those numbers are exaggerated, that a few trucks or railroads a day could replace what the pipeline supplies.

Whitmer’s strategy was based on an assessment of the nation’s energy needs by the Michigan Public Service Commission, as well as the UP Energy Commission 2020 Plan. Report առաջարկ on the recommendations of government agencies looking for sources of proton, except for line 5.

According to the plan, retailers have begun to develop arrangements that are less dependent on line 5, with some using state grants for railway facilities.

Whitmer 2022 The budget proposal includes $ 10 million to support propane rail transport in the UP and $ 5 million to depot warehouses near railway incentives. The government is considering other steps, such as injecting more propane into storage reservoirs, encouraging pre-purchases to shut off supplies to residents, and closing down supplies for businesses.

The program also includes heating assistance to needy families, protection against price increases.

“Over the years, Enbridge and its allies have spent millions of dollars scaring Michigan residents, creating a fictional story that will fall, and people will freeze without a fifth line,” said Sean McBright of Clean Water Action. “Governor Whitmer’s team has proven once again that they are wrong. “When Line 5 is cut off, our Great Lakes will no longer threaten massive oil spills. Michigan will still have all the energy we need.”

Mark Griffin, president of the Michigan Petroleum Association, said the group was considering Whitmer’s plan but was opposed to closing the fifth line.

Republican Rep. Bergman, who lives in northern Michigan, said the program would “get the Cold Peninsula out of the cold, unbelievably deaf to the needs of our constituents.”


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