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Where to broadcast Oscar nominees for Best Picture

Usually, Oscar nominations nominate an “Oscar” basketball player. This year, streaming services թվ digital rental platforms may receive a refund.

Many of this year’s nominees for Best Picture have already been released on various home viewing platforms. But when theaters gradually reopen across the country, some contenders still play only in brick-and-mortar theaters. One candidate even leaves the stream to play only in cinemas.

This year it is easier to play at the Oscars at home. Finding movies requires a little more homework than just checking out your local movie theater.

Here is where to find them.

“The Father.” Florian eller dementia drama, also nominated for Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins) and Supporting Actress (Olivia Coleman), is one of the recent Oscar nominees. Sony Pictures Classics began playing it in theaters on February 26 and recently expanded throughout the country. It will be available for rent on premium contract platforms on March 26, and soon on digital rental.

– “Judas և Holy Messiah”. The story of Shaka King about Panther leader Fred Hampton (Daniel Caluway) և FBI informant (Lakit Stanfield) who helped lead to his assassination earned him two star nominations. It was released in February by Warner Bros. in both theaters and HBO Max. The film, however, recently left HBO Max for a month. It is currently available in cinemas. For non-subscribers, it may be available for $ 19.99 digital rental in the coming weeks.

– “Child”. David Fincher’s black-and-white drama about Citizen Kane co-author Herman Mankich was the main contender on Monday, with a total of 10 chapters. It only runs on Netflix.

– “Minaret”. Lee Isaac Chung’s tender drama about an American American family in Arkansas, which was waiting for six Oscars, is playing in cinemas and is available for rent on digital platforms for $ 19.99. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2021, where it also won an award.

– “Nomadic country”. After landing at major fall film festivals last year, Chloe Hao’s lyrical Western drama became the most iconic film of the year, առաջ the winner of the Oscars. Released by Walt Disney Co. by a specialized label, Searchlight Pictures, it flows only through Hulu և plays in theaters. Ha ao made history on Monday as the first colorful woman to be nominated for the first director ամեն the most nominated woman in a year.

– “Promising young woman”. “Oc Cricket Fennel”‘s revenge #MeToo comedy from Focus Features is available for rent on digital platforms for $ 19.99. Fennel, in her directorial debut, was nominated for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and star Carrie Mulligan for Best Actress.

– «Sound of Metal». Darius Men’s drama about a heavy metal drummer (Reese Ahmed) who loses his hearing has earned him six nominations, including a supporting role for Ahmed’s Paul Rassi. It runs on Amazon Prime Video և is available for rent on other digital platforms.

– “The Chicago Trial 7”. Aaron Sorkin’s 60s Oscar-nominated courtroom anti-cultural drama was once more traditional. When the epidemic started, Paramount Pictures sold it to Netflix instead, where it had been running since last fall.


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