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What you need to know about your vaccine card

As immunizations become more accessible to people in the United States, and travel begins to gain momentum, many people are beginning to spread their vaccine white cards on social media as an expensive new asset.

In some destinations, cruise lines and locations are already required for travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19, keeping that record is key. In New York, for example, proof of vaccinations or a recent negative test will be required to access major venues or service events when they are allowed to reopen on Friday with a weak release. Proof will be required for events attended by more than 100 people, so each wedding or those with more than 16 Sweet will have to provide proof from guests that they comply with the rules.

A number of “passport” vaccination initiatives are already underway to facilitate digital sharing of vaccine status. Clear, a biometric screening program used in the country’s airports և IBM technology company has created their own patches, for example. And last week, New York became the first state to introduce a digital tool that would allow people to easily show that they have either been tested negatively or vaccinated against the virus to access certain events and locations.

But until such measures are taken across the country, you will want to hang on to that little white card.

Here’s what you need to know about your vaccine record, why it’s possible, and how to keep it safe.

What’s on the vaccine card?

The vaccine card, which was given after your first shot, was “updated” if your vaccine required a second shot, containing the vaccine manufacturer, dose numbers, և date of each և’s location, said Alex Brown, spokesman for Walgreens. Vaccinations in more than 5000 stores of the republic.

Walgreens, like other providers, is trying to digitize its records, Brown said, but is still handing out cards.

Walmart և Sam’s Club already offers their sponsors digital access to their vaccine records through both the Health Pass by Clear and CommonHealth և CommonPass programs from the non-profit Commons Project Foundation in Geneva.

“Our goal is to provide vaccinated clients at Walmart with free, secure digital access to their vaccine records, to enable them to share that information with third parties who want to confirm their vaccine status,” said Wal von Ferner, CEO of Walmart, USA. President, the statement reads.

What happens if I lose my card?

It is quite easy to get a new card if you have been vaccinated at a pharmacy like Walgreens. Brown said people who lose their card should return to where they were vaccinated. Եւ The pharmacy staff can print a new card from the patient’s e-records.

Vaccines also go back to the state health department, so you can apply to your state agency for a replacement card, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency lists the immunization information system contact information for each vaccination post-vaccination website.

How do I protect my card?

Start taking photos with your phone so you have information in your photo library, and email it to yourself as a backup, said Dr. Uchena Ikediobi, an associate professor of general medicine and infectious diseases at Yale University. ,

Lamination of the card will make it more durable if you plan to move it to your wallet, although there has been some concern about lamination as this will prevent future amplifier image information from being added. But Ikediobi said this “could be a dispute if new cards are issued after a boost shot, which seems likely.”

A number of companies have jumped in to offer free lamination. Staples is offering free lamination of vaccine cards to those who have received their doses, says oc Ozlin Morutsin, spokesman for office supplies retailer. The offer is valid in all US locations of the company with the offer code 81450, և has no expiration date yet.

“Customers began looking for ways to protect their COVID-19 vaccine registration cards, knowing they would be available in the future,” Craig Grayson, Staples’ vice president of print marketing services, said in an email Wednesday. “Using our in-store capabilities was a natural way to provide a free solution.”

People can get their laminated vaccine cards for free in “Office” և “Office” stores all over the country, using the code 52516714, until July 25.

Ikediobi also advises to keep the card in a safe place, as you would like to do in your passport, not to move it. “It does not always have to be on your person,” he said.

Can I have my travel card?

In some cases, yes. Border entry requirements are set by governments, not by airlines or the International Air Transport Association, the World Airlines Commercial Association. Some destinations սկսել cruise lines have begun to require travelers to be fully vaccinated before traveling. As of March 26, fully vaccinated Americans who can provide evidence of vaccination can visit Iceland, for example, to avoid border crossings such as testing and quarantine.

Royal Caribbean requires vaccination of passengers 18 or older, crew members to board its ships, such as Virgin Voyages, Crystal Cruises, and more. These companies will resume navigation this spring and summer. The companies are not yet sailing outside US ports as the CDC has not yet given them the guidelines to follow.

Airlines do not require travel vaccinations at this time. But the idea has been talked about a lot in the industry. In a recent interview with NBC Nightly News, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said vaccine proof would probably be required on international flights, but whether it was paper proof or a digital vaccine passport is unclear.

IATA spokeswoman Perry Flint said the agency did not support the mandatory vaccine requirement for air travel because it “risks discriminating in markets where vaccines may be longer available” or “those who have not been vaccinated for medical reasons or who do not want to do so due to moral or other concerns. ”

The agency is still developing its own vaccine pass called the Travel Pass, which travelers can use to share COVID-related health information with governments or airlines, Flint said.

Will a New York vaccine passport be required?

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a free Excelsior Pass program that will allow businesses to scan a code to confirm that someone has been vaccinated or tested negative for a coronavirus. To register, New Yorkers must visit the Excelsior Pass website, where they will be asked to enter their name, date of birth, and zip code. The pass-through QR code, which can be verified by a business, will be generated automatically using data from state vaccine records or test laboratory data.

According to the governor, no one is required to download the Excelsior Pass. The generated passport can be printed on the site, or you can show your vaccine card or proof of a negative test instead.

Will the Biden administration require a vaccine passport?

Among the executive orders issued by the Biden administration to contain the epidemic is an order asking government agencies to “assess” the “feasibility” of producing digital versions of vaccination documents. But while the government is involved in these efforts, the administration has stated that it will not accept a federal mandate or issue a vaccine passport.

Speaking at the White House COVID-19 press conference on Monday, Andy Slavit, Acting Director of Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers, said: storage place. “

“We see it as something that the private sector will do,” he said. “The important thing for us, we are currently conducting an interagency process to present these details, is that some credentials meet some important criteria,” including fair access, confidentiality, and security issues.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes Businesses across the country, from bars to marijuana dispensaries, offer benefits to those with a COVID-19 vaccine card. For example, Crispy Creme said last week that for the rest of the year it will give one free glazed cookie to anyone who presents proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The company ‘s CEO, Michael Tuttersfield, told Fox News that as vaccinations across the country accelerated, “We decided,’ Oh, we can support the next joyous action, ‘which, if you come, show us a vaccine card. “Bring a cookie at any time, any day, if you choose.”



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