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What is behind the increase in alcohol consumption?

In the early years of the 21st century, alcohol-related deaths declined somewhat in the early 21st century, although they began to rise only once in 2007 (among women) and in 2012 (among men). However, alcohol-related mortality rates remain lower than among white Americans.

One of the factors may be the high sense of community բարձր the high level of attendance at religious services in the community, which has consistently been associated with both lower and lower alcohol consumption. Another possible reason for the low level of alcohol use among North Americans is a well-founded feeling that the potential disadvantages are more severe than those of other racial ethnic groups. African-Americans are likely to face the police, with negative results in dealing with law enforcement, as evidenced historically over the past year.

“African Americans, particularly men, are at greater risk of social and legal consequences associated with drinking and other substance use,” said Tamika Zap Apolski, an associate professor of clinical psychology at Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis. “They will most likely have negative health problems, be arrested and sentenced.”

For example, one study found that black (Hispanic) drinkers were 1.5 times more likely to report socially unfavorable effects of drinking than their non-Hispanic whites. These results confirm the earlier findings of significant racial disparities in the effects of alcoholism. Some studies have linked this to an increase in police in the low-income Black Sea districts.

Native Americans had the highest rates of alcohol-related deaths since 2000. According to a JAMA study, Native American alcohol abuse can be found in “poverty, family history of alcoholism, alcoholism.” at a younger age, ”like the stress of historical trauma. The mortality rate in 2016 was 113.2 per 100,000 for Native American men and 58.8 per 100,000 for Native American women.

Mortality per 100,000 for other groups was 4.4 և 1.0 for Asian-American տղամարդ Pacific տղամարդ men և for women 8 13.8 և 4.6 for black men և for women. 21.9 և 4.7 for Hispanic American men և women. .2 18.2 և 7.6 for white men և for women.

Although there has been a general increase in such deaths among Asian Americans, the tendency to consume alcohol tends to be segregated by ethnicity. In the Asia-Pacific, people born in the United States have a higher rate of alcohol abuse than their first-generation immigrant counterparts, which may be due to cultural assimilation.


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