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West Virginia governor announces death of 168 unreported KOVID

CHARLESTON, W. V. – West Virginia Gov. Jim im Addis said on Wednesday that approximately 168 deaths from the coronavirus had not been reported, calling into question data used by officials to remove the epidemic restrictions.

Justice said officials found that 70 facilities, mostly hospitals and nursing homes, did not report the deaths to the state health department. On Monday, the Republican governor announced a sharp drop in COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the year, according to health officials who support the governor by easing business restrictions.

“It is absolutely unacceptable,” Justice said. “I’m really sorry.”

Dr Aine Amjad, a state health official, said officials were waiting to see if there were any more unreported deaths. He blamed institutions that do not timely file death reports on the state health department.

“We are trying to find a way to make people more accountable, to keep their feet on fire, because we want faster numbers,” he said. “We no longer want to have such numbers!”

According to preliminary data, according to John on Hopkins, the state ranked 33rd among the states with the highest number of deaths per capita. This may change from the unreported death count.

More about the COVID-19 epidemic

Public figures from the Department of Health currently show a total of 2,330 deaths, not including 168. Coronavirus և hospitalizations have decreased in the last two months, according to current state data, which has prompted justice to lift business capacity constraints; large social gatherings on Saturday

Amjad said the state has a list of all unidentified deaths that justice says should be made public.

Justice reported the news at its regularly scheduled coronavirus briefing, calling it “very worrying.” He begins each virtual press conference by reading the age, sex, and home country of those who have just died from COVID-19. He said he would honor the 168 dead on Friday.

The governor said he learned of the deaths about an hour before his briefing began.

This is the second such revelation in dozens of unreported deaths during the West Virginia epidemic.

In November, the Department of Health’s Office of Human Resources listed more than two dozen deaths that occurred weeks or months ago and were not reported as coronavirus. It is assumed that KOVID-19 deaths are completed on a separate form and immediately reported to the state. Most of these deaths occurred in hospitals and nursing homes.

“If the death report is not completed, we do not know about it,” Amjad said. “As you can imagine, it was also a shock to us that they were not in our system.”

Last June, Justice demanded the resignation of Dr. Katie Slamp, a former public health worker, after she complained about the mismatch between the number of active virus cases and accused Slamp of failing to do her job. He declined to give details.

Slamp says decades of computer systems and staff reductions have made his difficult task more difficult over the years than a century-long epidemic. Slamp advocated how data is processed, detailing how money has dwindled over the years. This meant that there were fewer workers, they were hampered by outdated technology that slowed down their daily work, they focused on the coronavirus.

Among the challenges. The computer network is so slow that people sometimes lose their jobs when they run out of time. real-time data demand from the public; և Struggle to import information systems developed at a time when faxes were considered high-speed communication.

Government figures show that 19.4% of the 1.78 million people in West Virginia are partially vaccinated against the coronavirus. About 12.2% are fully vaccinated.


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