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Weave through this puzzle. The New York Times:

This week is a year for the Home section, ի՞նչ What better way to celebrate than with a puzzle with a hidden picture? Solve the tracks և Discover the twist – weaving with a mini shout to the basket basket from August.

Write the answers on the 16 boards in the blanks on each layer. (We have completed some letters to help). Then cut and paste the layers into one of four categories based on your answers. Can you find what connects them? Words starting with B Animals you would find on the farm. We advise you for each category.

When you classify your layers into categories, groups A և B become the vertical “back” of your fabric. The groups of C և D are woven through them horizontally. They must be ordered in alphabetical order within their categories. Follow the chart to weave the layers from bottom to top, under the vertical layers with woven squares. Weaving will reveal the hidden image.

Arrange groups A և B vertically using the alphabetical order in each group, starting at left և.

Start with the first layer in alphabetical order from group C և knit it, make sure the squares with the letters pass under the A layers. Slide the tape down.

Repeat with the first alphabet tape of group D, making sure it goes under the B layers. Continue knitting, replacing the ribbons from groups C և D until you have used all your layers.

Congratulations, you have discovered the image. Now fold, attach the extra inserts to make the sides square to save your artwork.

A printable version of this activity is available for download here.


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