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“We owe it to March.” Hoop fans gather to bet on the NCAA Tournament

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW YORK (AP) – Jon Onatan Price was all set. She received tickets to the Madison Square Garden NCAA Elite Eight Round, where she, her two brothers, and her father would enjoy college basketball.

But that was last March, just before the coronavirus canceled the March Madness Tournament, the money-betting ships. But this year it came back.

On Friday, a 25-year-old resident of Staten Island, New York, was at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with a piece of cash, which he was too superstitious to reveal to a journalist. (Although he wore a North Carolina T-shirt).

“We owe it to March,” Price said. “It was canceled last year, it was quite devastating. The madness of March is something I look forward to all year long. ”

These are also the sports books of casinos, racetracks, especially online activities, waiting. Spread over several weeks, the NCAA Tournament is the biggest sports betting event of the year. And although sports books keep winning bets հետո relatively small after paying other costs, the tournament is potential for their business, particularly to gain customers who they hope will stay with them throughout the year; on sports.

“In terms of betting interest, this year should be a little bit of a perfect storm for online betting, breaking previous records,” said intsay Croucher, Commerce Director at PointsBet USA. “Combining factors such as rising demand after last year’s cancellation, the rise in US sports betting, and how many other countries are online now, unlike two years ago, it is not surprising that US sports book operators expect huge numbers.”

As many offices remain closed due to the epidemic, eliminating many office pools, fewer Americans expect to fill in parentheses for the tournament this year. But the total number of people betting on Madness in March should remain roughly the same as the tournament was last held in 2019, according to the American Gaming Association.

FanDuel spokesman Kevin Hennessy said legal sports betting “continues to exceed our expectations”. His company paid more than $ 17 million to customers on Thursday night during a March Madness bet promotion.

“We are preparing for the maximum involvement we have seen so far in the tournament,” added ny oni Avello, who is responsible for the DraftKings race և sports books.

Borgata President Meloni John Onson said it was exciting to see the crowd return to the casino for the tournament.

“The human race was meant to be entertained, not bored,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. But now there is hope. we can see it. “

The casino’s director of sports betting, Tom Gable, said he expects the first day of this year’s tournament to exceed the level of bets in 2019, the year before last.

“We went from preparing for the biggest event of the year in terms of sports betting to preparing for termination in a matter of days,” he said.

On Saturday, Price was due to meet with a group of friends to watch more basketball during the golf tour. His betting budget over the weekend ranged from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000.

“We will get drunk, watch the games, have fun with the boys,” he said. “Isn’t it much better than that?”


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