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We do not need technical information comment

Time to finish the staged events, which are essentially new information for new technology products.

You probably know the people I’m talking about. Steve Sobs, or the current head of Apple, Tim Cook, walks in the dark, “holding the shining plate of chains in front of a fascinated audience.” Apple is planning a virtual event on Tuesday to stage the latest iPads.

For the 400th edition of the iPad, Mary Kay-style demonstrations are clearly not the most serious technology or world issue. Thank God, most people will never watch these things. But they are an example of how we “technology companies do not stop long enough” to ask: Why should that be?

Apple’s influence has spread to these phased product launches, they are mostly over-comparable and redundant. Elon Musk makes them for Tesla cars եղի brain implants. News companies have taken this trick for hours of presentation for their plus sign videos streaming services. Website information is really a long way off.

Displaying a product like Jobs is also a deliberate signal of how tech companies see their customers. To them, we are blunts with wallets who can be assured of the equivalent of a Silicon Valley-equivalent high-speed TV guy taking out a mop.

My best beef with these detailed references is that they contradict current technology. It is no longer limited to the shiny cardboard box. Technology is now something that we do not necessarily notice. Smarter software that alerts us to the dangers of driving or driving small businesses that empower Amazon. It puts worms in our homes և life, good or bad.

Technology is also one of the most powerful forces in the world. And yet technology companies continue to launch products to draw attention to the desperate energy of the industry.

What is the alternative? Well, last Tuesday, Microsoft published a blog post describing the latest model of its Surface computer և other products. Spotify has also posted on its website about its new test device, which looks like an upgraded car stereo remote control.

The posts explained what the products were, և end. You may have heard “This meeting should have been. Microsoft և Spotify showed that most of the product release should be և a two-minute video posted on the blog.

I’m not the first to write that the events of the staged technology product that Apple is spreading everywhere should go. Even I have written about it before.

This is also an old hat for Apple. And on Tuesday he did what he did forever. It issued a deliberately vague message about what to expect from the presentation of the canned internet broadcast. This achieved its goal. People who think about technology talk about it.

And, of course, this is why these technological Tupperware parties are enduring. They attract attention. (At least they do for Apple.) Journalists like me are also a big part of the problem.

But we can simply refuse to do so. Microsoft և Spotify’s product seems to have received a lot of attention, even without a two-hour signal machine.

These product launches are an outdated habit that fades away long before they become useful. It shows the lack of imagination of the companies, which are supposed to be imaginative, disrespectful to our customers. It does not have to be this way.


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