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Wayne Gretzky pays tribute to his father at his funeral

BRANTFORD, Ontario (AP) – Walter Gretzky’s family believed that death was imminent in mid-February.

The father of the greatest hockey player suffered a serious thigh injury after suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other health problems in recent years, a time that Walter was always ready to give to both friends and strangers.

“But he loved life, he did not want to leave,” Wayne Gretzky said in an emotional eulogy on Saturday. “We sat with him for 21 days, we just enjoyed life. We got the opportunity to tell stories. ”

And Walter Gretzky’s life was full of them.

Walter Gretzky, known as the father of Canadian hockey, died on Thursday at the age of 82. His death paid tribute to a genuine, approachable, genuine person who nurtured Wayne’s incredible talents in the family’s famous backyard in Brantford, but he never forgot where he came from. starting

“He was a famous man who loved life, he loved family,” said Wayne Gretzky. “We would be a better world if there were more people like my father. Very special, we all feel sorry. ”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the funeral was limited to the family. But hundreds of people, including many children in Gretzky T-shirts, gathered near St. Mark Anglican Church, about 60 miles west of Toronto.

“Hard times,” Wayne said. The voice cracked and tears flowed from his eyes. “I’m so proud of the fact that so many people have reached out to him to pay so much respect to him because he deserves it. He has a heart of gold. ”

Walter was on every step of the way as Wayne climbed to a size that included four Stanley Cups with Edmonton Oliers, becoming the NHL career leader in goals, assists and points.

Having worked with Bell for more than three decades, long after his son became the biggest sports star, Walter remained a symbol of devotion, calling for blue.

“Deeply humble man,” said His Eminence Dr. Tim Dobbin, who covered the funeral broadcast live on TSN: Sportsnet.ca. “She told the truth. “Wall’s word was his connection.”

The video at the end of the video featured pictures from the early days of the rink, Wayne triumphs, Walter teaching the kids on the ice, Gretsky’s memories at the family home ավ Highlights from his son’s last games in the NHL.

As the coffin was being taken out of the church for publication, the song “The Hockey Theme”, which became famous in the movie “Hockey Night in Canada”, was played.

And at the moment when Walter’s funeral procession left the church – it was written on the sign of the building: “We will miss you Wally” – some of the kids in jersey clothes were hitting the sidewalk with their hockey sticks waiting outside.

Appropriate referral to the father of Canadian hockey.


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