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Walking այլ Other aerobic exercises can help the aging brain

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In both groups, everyone initially trained three times a week for about half an hour under supervision. After that, they added training on their own, until six months later, at most, they completed about five workouts. In general, this program lasted one year. About 20 volunteers, mostly from the walking group, left during that time.

The volunteers then returned to the lab to repeat the initial tests, and the researchers compared the results. To everyone’s surprise, the exercise group was superior, with higher aerobic capacity, while the endurance of the stretchers was not low. The group of aerobic exercises showed that their carotid arteries had much less stiffness and, consequently, more blood flow to their brains.

Perhaps most importantly, they are now performing better than the stretch-tone group in some executive function tests, which are thinking skills involved in planning and decision-making. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Interestingly, both groups raised their scores slightly on most memory tests, about the same amount. In fact, getting up, moving on any horse, or perhaps socializing with people in the lab seemed to have thinking skills, helping to prevent rapid falls.

Still, researchers believe that walking briskly for longer periods of time will lead to greater cognitive gains, less memory loss than gentle stretching.

“It will probably take more than a year for improved blood flow to the brain to improve cognition,” he says. “Other researchers are planning bigger, longer studies to test that idea,” he said. They hope to discuss whether more or less exercise each week can help the brain, and whether there are ways to get more volunteers into the exercise program.

For now, however, he believes the group’s findings serve as a useful reminder that relocation changes the mind. He says. “Parking farther” when shopping or traveling. “Take the stairs” և try to raise your heart rate while exercising. Doing so, he says, can help protect your ability to remember and think for the rest of your life.

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