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Wales Fargo plans to return to office “immediately after work”

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Wells Fargo & Co., the largest bank in the US, plans to return its employees to offices in September.

The company, which has about 200,000 home-based employees, is extending the deal until September 6, with the goal of returning to a “more normal model” that month, according to a memo from CEO Charlie Scharf on Tuesday. Scott Powell.

“Encouraged by the significant increase in vaccine availability, we began planning for a return to a more normal model in September, shortly after the US Labor Day holiday,” Scharff and Powell wrote, adding that the company was “following science” in its decision-making.

The prospect of returning to the office became clearer more than a year after Wall Street sent staff home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Hundreds of interns at JPMorgan Chase plan to work in New York ամիս London lenders’ offices in the coming months. Citigroup will start recruiting more employees in July, and Goldman Sachs Group said in its summer internship class that they will be able to work from the company’s offices.

At Wells Fargo, executives are still working out what their return to office will look like.

“We know you have a lot of questions about what that means to you,” Scharff and Powell wrote. “We will be honest. We do not have any answers yet. We will spend the next few weeks and months developing them and sharing our progress along the way. ”

The Wall Street Journal reported on the memorandum on Tuesday.

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