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Vaccine shortages affect more than 100,000 elderly people waiting for doses in King County

Lack of coronavirus vaccines in the Qing Region is slowing down efforts to achieve herd immunity, which will greatly slow the spread of COVID-19. But health officials on Friday received good news about the availability of a new single-dose vaccine for Johnson & Johnson, which could help vaccinate more than 100,000 elderly people waiting for doses.

The county thought it might be possible to wait at least three weeks for the J&J vaccine to arrive. Instead, it may receive higher doses. Health officials awaiting approval from the US Department of Health (DOH) need more information early next week, said Seattle-King County Public Health spokesman James Ames Apan on Friday.

On King’s public health Facebook page on Wednesday, Health Director Patti Hayes discussed the local implications of government efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, including Governor Aye Insley announcing that school staff and child care workers should be given priority.

No vaccine has been approved for people under 16 years of age.

As of March 1, 341,532 King County residents had received at least one dose, and 198,503 people had been fully vaccinated, according to the Public Health Service. Only 51.2% of those 75-year-olds living in the West Seattle, South Seattle, Delridge and Hayley neighborhoods received at least one dose, making them one of the least likely to be vaccinated in King County.

Latino residents over the age of 65 in King’s County are the least likely to be vaccinated in their age group, with 34.6% of black seniors և 45.4% of Latins receiving one dose. Indigenous Hawaii 65 More than 65 բնակ Pacific Islanders are likely to receive a dose of 64.7%, followed by 59.2% of Native Americans. For Asian Americans, 48.1% of 65-year-olds received a single dose, compared with 50.3% of whites.

Black people were also the least likely population to receive at least one dose in the 75 և age group. Indigenous peoples of Latin America և Pacific առավել’s most severely affected by the epidemic և have the highest levels of hospitalization և.

The shortage of vaccines has had a major impact on the state, Hayes said, adding that he does not expect doses in King County to rise sharply by April.

“This is part of the challenge of increasing school staff և child care,” Hayes said. “We still have 116,000 65-year-olds over the age of 1B-1 vaccine.”

Public health uses the data to provide information և education համայն to encourage community organizations համագործակց cooperation with churches to reach the most vulnerable to the disease.

King County uses mobile teams that visit Adult Family Homes to administer the vaccine. Առողջ Public Health hires community navigators to help translate for people in their community և Provide information: Education.

There are currently up to 391 providers registered in King County for vaccination in DOH, but only 24 of those clinics received a dose last week.

Asked by viewers whether people bypass the line when they are not in the right phase, Hayes said the state operates on a trust-based system. Although about 10% of King County residents are vaccinated elsewhere, the county also vaccinates people from outside the county. “I hope it’s a kind of wash-through, but it’s hard to go back,” Hayes said.

Major King County suppliers have agreed to the Public Health Justice Principles, which means they will not allow eligible individuals to receive doses. But there is no way to prevent fraud. For example, the state will not require teachers to work at school to verify ID.

“I think this will be less of a problem, because we get more vaccines there,” the governor said. “It’s very frustrating for people right now because there are so few doses,” Hayes said.



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