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Vaccinated or unvaccinated, keep your mask on, urges King County Health Officer

Despite the mandate of the CDC’s latest slimming masks for vaccinated people, a senior King County public health official is urging residents to continue wearing masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Seattle և King County Health Department doctor FF Ducin said that for now, Seattle ակներ King County residents should continue to wear masks while the agency evaluates the wider mandate of the masks.

Ducin said on Twitter that he agreed with the statement, which said that it was “unreasonable” for the CDC to “remove the mandate of the vaccine for vaccinated people as soon as possible.” & then everyone can cooperate in disguise. “

Ducin also encouraged businesses to adhere to the mask policy.

“Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of the infection to others by blocking the spread of infectious droplets when the infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks,” Duchin said in a statement. “Individuals can become infected առաջ become infected before or even without symptoms. “Evidence shows that a significant number of infections can be transmitted this way.”

The guide is for employees of grocery stores, drugstores, big box stores, other important businesses, customers, including those specializing in pet supplies, car repair, and household specialization. Restaurants offering food processing and delivery services must also comply. Face masks should not be worn outdoors, except when appropriate social distance cannot be applied, such as in farmers’ markets.

The mask will be in effect until it is no longer needed and has not been canceled by Ducin, according to Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Read the full instruction here for more information,


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