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US Secretary of Health Xavier Bekera announces Biden family plans at White Center Health Clinic

US Secretary of Health & Human Services Xavier Becquera visited the White Center Community Health Center on Thursday to talk about the billions of dollars in funding that the Biden administration provides to such clinics;

The $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan passed by Congress Democrats last month will provide more than $ 6 billion in federally funded health care facilities, such as the Sea Mar White Center Medical Clinic that Becerra toured on Thursday.

An additional $ 1 billion will be spent on building and expanding such community health centers.

“It goes to such clinics across America to try to help them have more capacity to serve more people,” Bekera said.

There are about 1,300 federally qualified health centers in the country that receive federal funding and are required to provide primary care on a sliding scale based on the patient’s ability to pay.

“We serve everyone who comes to our door,” said Dr. Julian Perez, director of Musculoskeletal Services at White Center. “When a country falls, there is always a safety net; federally qualified health centers are part of that safety net.”

Sea Mar operates about 100 community health facilities throughout Washington, DC, serving more than 300,000 patients and clients annually. It was originally founded to serve the Latin community in Seattle.

On Thursday, Beckhera, the first Latino to head the Latin Federal Bureau of Investigation, switched from English to “Spanish” when he introduced the US rescue program as just the first part of a comprehensive plan that could eventually lead to nearly $ 6 trillion in new spending. և Transform the US economy and safety net as the country recovers from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Speaking in Congress Wednesday night, President Biden unveiled the foundations of his nearly $ 2 trillion American family program. It called for universal prenatal, paid family leave, a free community college funded by the higher taxes of the rich. This was quickly followed by his $ 2 trillion US Work Plan proposal to rehabilitate the country’s roads, bridges, and transit water systems.

The US bailout passed Congress without a single Republican vote, and two subsequent bills already face the same tough opposition.

But Becerra counted them all as part of the same package.

“The president put forward the American rescue program because we were trying to get out of COVID violence,” he said. Next, he said, “Now we’re back, we need jobs.” The American Work Plan says that every American will help get back to work.

“And yesterday we heard the president announce the American Family Plan, which invests directly in our families to make it something you do not have to worry about the child care you need, the services you need, the nutrition you need.” Becerra continued.

The Includes program includes $ 200 billion for free pre-school education for all children և 3 և 4 years old, more than $ 100 billion for a free two-year community college, $ 225 billion for extended subsidized child care at a sliding rate of և 225 billion dollars – paid family և medical leave.

Billions more will be spent on expanding school catering programs, SNAP benefits such as tax credits or cuts for vulnerable families and families with children. It will be paid for by increasing the income tax հար capital gains tax.

“You can’t recover from COVID, you can’t save the economy, you can’t create more jobs unless you invest in an American family,” Bekera said.



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