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US schools are preparing summer classes to help children get through this process

MISSION, There are. (AP) – After the sad years he spent mostly at home in front of a computer, many US children could go to summer school, which is exactly what many parents want.

Although the last place children want to spend the summer is in the classroom, experts say that after a year of interrupted study, it is possible to do at least some sort of teaching during the break, even if it is not at school; camp offers.

Several governors, including in California, Kansas and Virginia, are demanding more summer training. And some states are considering extending the 2021-22 school year or starting the fall semester earlier. At the same time, many cities are talking about tightening their summer school programs, including Los Angeles, Hartford, Connecticut, Atlanta, the latter of which thought that summer school should be mandatory before settling, which strongly advises children who attend struggling:

“People are exhausted now, but they know it’s really possible for our children,” said Randy Wingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who called for his volunteer “second semester” to start recruiting for it.

It should support the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package, which provides $ 122 billion in assistance to K-12 public schools, including $ 30 billion in special summer schools, after-school enrichment and other enrichment programs.

Cash flow աճ The increase in summer offers has been facilitated by parents of children who have struggled with distance learning during the coronavirus epidemic. Among them is Ashley Freeman, of St. Paul, Minnesota, who was stopped by a nurse assistant when the epidemic broke out so she could help her children learn from home the frightening H1N1 flu battle that led to her air conditioning.

Freeman, 32, wants to return to work after having to rely on food stamps and other benefits to overcome the epidemic. She feels that her children have lagged behind academically, she hopes they will make it to the break. He recently extended his summer program by two weeks.

“I need something for them to continue their education, because they have been missing them all this year,” he said about an hour late last month after his 11-year-old daughter և 6-year-old son They would return to solo training for the first time in almost a year. “I feel like the kids have struggled a lot.”

Carrie Rodriguez, co-founder of the National Union for the Advancement of Education Group, said her children left with distance learning, even though she turned the Boston suburban living room into a classroom and hired a tutor. He said his family is not unique.

“We have no time to waste here,” he said. “We need to get to where our children are, decide what they need, start work right away, not just postpone it for three months for no reason while our families continue to deteriorate, our children they continue to suffer. “

Teachers say involving poor children should be a priority. Summer has traditionally been one of the most unequal times of education. Children in upper-middle-income households engage in camping or other enrichment activities that are more often than not for the poor, says Aaron Dvorkin, of the National Association for Summer Education NGO, which focuses on increasing investment in summer education.

“This is an epic, here it is! “A moment for the country to understand what lower-income families are struggling with in the summer,” Dvorkin said. “Everything we do at COVID is what they do every summer.” I work. My children have nowhere to go. I need to figure out how to do it. ” “Other people see it now.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, who is the father of third- and sixth-graders, tweeted that it was a “great victory for the children” that summer money could be used for camping and leisure programs. “If we just assume that the children will be able to ‘fall back’ when the situation returns to normal, we are deceiving ourselves,” he said.

Dworkin envisions Summer programs offered through YMCAs or city park districts, using federal funding to expand their in-class swimwear offerings by joining academics.

That’s what Central Minnesota Boys ‘and Girls’ Clubs are planning to do, said Gary Bechtold, the group’s current vice president. It will combine music, dance, theater and other fun activities designed to entice two low-income St. Cloud elementary school students with the district’s academic support.

“We find that children eat it all,” he said of the mixed approach.

There will be more scholarships this year to help low-income students attend camp, said Tom Rosenberg, president and executive director of the American Camp Association. He said more than two-thirds of the camps already have science, technology, engineering and math components. But he said the camp also provides non-academic benefits, especially after a year of social distance.

“I think there is a lot of concern now about being with their peers,” he said.

Students usually lose their academic positions in the summer, which requires teachers to spend the first few weeks of the fall semester teaching old materials. The results of the fall 2020 test showed that students rushed to virtual education last spring, losing more space than usual, said Megan Kuhfeld, a researcher at NWEA, one of the nation’s largest experimenters.

The owners also caused concerns. 62% say they think their children are lagging behind where they would be during a normal school year. According to a survey by the national PTA և Learning Heroes, a non-profit organization that helps parents support their children’s education.

“It was really painful for the parents,” said Bib Hubbard, the founding president of Heroes of Education, who also held focus groups with his parents. “Literally the parents say, ‘My child will not take the blanket off his head.’ They will not get out of bed. They are in their pajamas all day. “The worlds between home and school are so blurred that children just find it really hard to be present, to find a reason to stay.”



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