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US climate envoy Kerry met with the Pope on the climate crisis

VATICAN CITY (AP) – President Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry met with Pope Francis on Saturday, calling the pope a “mandatory moral authority on the climate crisis” who has “moved forward.”

The former US Secretary of State told the Vatican News that the Pope “climate problems” I hope can lead people to greater ambition to get the job done. “

In November of this year, ahead of the next round of UN climate talks in Glasgow, Kerry is visiting European capitals to strengthen cooperation on climate change.

Kerry said the United States, the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China, should take the lead in reducing emissions by joining other major emitters.

“Everyone here has an obligation. No country can do that. “If the United States had zero emissions tomorrow, we would still be in crisis.”

“The United States, which is responsible for 11 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, has set a goal under Biden to reduce emissions from 50 percent to 52 percent over the next decade,” Kerry said.

Another 20 developed countries are responsible for 73.75% of emissions, he added.

“We need other big emitting countries to activate and offer some reductions. “You can’t just keep working with a coal-fired power plant or access more coal online առցանց to really be part of the solution we need,” Kerry said.


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