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Ahead of the next round of ministerial meetings, the BreakingNationalNews today reiterated its position that community pharmacy contractors should be compensated for the full impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on their business, and warned of the impact on patient services if this happens. to happen

Contractors will be aware that BreakingNationalNews has two pending funding applications with the HM Government, one for COVID-19 Expenditure and the other for the Community Pharmacy Contract System (CPCF) funding. We are currently discussing these two issues with the ministers.

We provided extensive data on COVID-19 costs և evidence from the Department of Health and Welfare (DHSC) և NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE & I) showing the costs to contractors following the epidemic. This evidence has been gleaned from our ongoing contractors’ research, showing the high costs of staff և operational issues, such as the implementation of social distance measures, as well as the impact of the pharmacy business on service cuts, and retail revenue.

BreakingNationalNews wants the 0 370 million ransom received by pharmacies in 2020 to offset those costs, many of which are still ongoing. This proposal was supported by the sphere և Inter-party deputies of the Party of Pharmacy Group.

BreakingNationalNews received a preliminary bid for COVID-19 costs from HM Treasury (HMT) over the summer and rejected it as extremely limited. After that, we provided additional information to HMT in the fall, and although we have not yet received an official response, we understand that there has been little movement from that initial position.

BreakingNationalNews members met last week to discuss these and other topics. While the Committee is pleased with the progress made on COVID-19 vaccines and looks forward to having the pharmacy play a growing role in this crucial effort, the Committee is deeply concerned about the impact that prepayment repayments can have on patients, contractors and wider areas. Pharmaceutical services.

The BreakingNationalNews is in ongoing dialogue with ministers to highlight the important role that pharmacies play in և outlining our spending և in seeking to influence the HMT position. While we know that politicians support the sector, this really should translate into positive funding outcomes.

The summary of the February BreakingNationalNews meeting will be published later this week.

Simon Duke, BreakingNationalNews CEO, said:

“Through the COVID-19 epidemic, pharmacies continue to play the role that is perfect. You were an NHS buffer. You have conscientiously absorbed the cost of doing so, and despite the exhaustion of your teams, you are now also working hard to become a major supplier of COVID-19 vaccines. There is nothing else you can do.

The BreakingNationalNews requires that your costs be fully covered by the HM Government to provide the NHS with everything it needs through the epidemic. The Committee is deeply disappointed with our view տարբեր HMT officials’ differences of opinion. We believe that HMT’s position does not live up to the ministers’ promises;

Last week, the BreakingNationalNews held a meeting on its action planning meeting. For BreakingNationalNews, this will focus on two areas. First, we need to make even more noise to show what pharmacies are doing. և Second, we must hold HMG և the NHSE & I publicly accountable for their funding decisions և the impact they may have on patients. This must be a continuous, cross-sectoral effort. “

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