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Union is seeking the votes of 87 employees at the Nissan Tennessee plant

NASIVIL, Tennis. (AP) – The union wants to vote for less than a thousand workers at the Nissan Vehicle Collection Plant in Tennessee, which is against the company because the effort is not widespread. the workforce of the institution.

The International Automobile and Aeronautics Association says the vast majority of the death toll service technicians at the Nissan plant, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Nashville, 25 m south of Nashville, have declared their support for the union. The Efforts point to the recent unions in their quest for unions to gain traction at traditionally foreign-owned auto assembly plants in the anti-Union south.

Whether a vote can take place or not depends on the disputes before the National Labor Council.

Nissan’s lawyer claimed that during the virtual hearings on Friday, the employees were not different enough from the other employees of the factory, reasoning that any union vote should be extended to about 4300 production and maintenance workers. The union’s lawyer claims that 87 employees have highly specialized skills for work that other members of the factory cannot do, which gives them the right to choose their own union representation.

Nissan is working with organized labor in the rest of the world, but the voices of the two US factories are not close to unification. In 2001 և 1989 the workers of yr murnia rejected the plant union under the United Automobile Workers. Miss Aponia, another assembly plant in Canton Aponia, Mississippi, rejected 2017

“Our history shows that Nissan respects the right of employees to decide who should represent their interests in the workplace,” said Nissan Smyrna spokeswoman Lauren Love-Carter. “Nissan employees have a very long history of not voting for self-representation unions.”

In the 2019 և 2014 voting, the advantage was much closer to the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where workers twice rejected the UAW plant union.

One year after the 2014 voting failed, a group of 160 Chattanooga maintenance workers voted to form a smaller union, but Volkswagen refused to bargain. The German carmaker claimed that the unit of transactions needed to engage production workers. The 2019 factory vote rose from the dust.

The unions also clashed with Republican politicians as they tried to rally with foreign foreign automakers. Prior to the 2019 Volkswagen vote, Republican Gov. Bill Lee told staff there during a closed-door meeting that he believed that “when I have a direct relationship with you, the employee, you work for me, that’s when is that the environment works. the best. “

During the 2014 Volkswagen election, then-US Senator Bob Corker waited for the vote to begin when he all assured the company that within two weeks of the union rejection, it would be the only new mid-size sports car in the United States. to build. factory instead of sending the job to Mexico.

This time at the Nissan plant, the drivers’ union says workers have identified a number of jobs, from forced overtime to rising health care costs. Laura Evan, a lawyer representing the union, said workers were excluded from the trade offer to hire specialized workers in general.

“The union agreement will provide fair wages, benefits, working conditions, and the ability to retire with dignity,” said Tim Wright, chief campaigner and spokesman for the Grand Lodge.

Tennessee has a really big union presence in the American car company. Spring Hill General Motors has about 3,000 skilled craftsmen represented by UAW.

The car dealership represents around 47,000 tools և mortals և 3,000 automotive workers in companies including Ford, Penske Truck, Hyundai և Chevrolet.


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