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Unemployed people in Washington state claim that rent is being collected in the United States

New unemployment claims fell in Washington last week, and the general public saw fewer people seeking unemployment benefits, and more job-creating companies.

Washington filed 11,760 new or “preliminary” lawsuits last week, down 9.2 percent from the previous week, the State Department for Combined Safety (ESD) said Thursday.

At the national level, the new demand for the unemployed fell by 5.6% to 712,000, according to the US Department of Labor. Federal data show that the number of jobs in the United States increased by almost 3% to 6.9 million as of January 31, which may indicate that employers are tightening employment.

Washington’s unemployment rate was 6% in January, the last month for which data are available, the ESD reported this week. This is lower than 7.1% in December. The US unemployment rate was 6.3% in January, up from 6.7% in December.

Still, the number of new lawsuits filed in Washington last week was almost double as the epidemic and related business restrictions continued to reduce layoffs.

Among the state’s business sectors that saw the most new demands last week was construction – 1,755; retail, 1,183; և food service և hotels, 1,137.

Although most jobs in Washington have seen fewer new requirements, such as construction, new requirements have fallen by 37% in the past three weeks, with slight growth in several areas, including catering, arts, entertainment and leisure.

The total number of weekly or ongoing lawsuits filed in Washington last week was down nearly 2% from the previous week to 435,659.

Last week, ESD paid benefits for 314,202 individual claims, down slightly from the previous week. Because individuals can have multiple lawsuits, the number of lawsuits is often slightly more than the number of individual claimants.

As of March 2020, more than 1 million Washington residents have been paid more than $ 15.5 billion in unemployment benefits, about two-thirds of which comes from the federal government.


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