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“Under the new contract, with a new home, Gabe Jackson says Seyhoks’ ‘offensive line’ could be great.”

Speaking at a time when then-Super Bowl champion Seyhawks was making his 64th pick in the 2014 draft, Gabe Jackson called out from the team that Seattle was considering hiring him before making a last-minute change. ,

Indeed, with that choice, the Seahawks had an offensive line in mind, replacing Just Astin Brit.

Ackson Akson, a four-year starter for the Mississippi State Guard, finished 81st overall in the third round, where he was led by the Raiders.

Nearly seven years later, Jackson finally became the Seahawk, which Seattle acquired earlier this month for a fifth-round pick from Las Vegas after seven seasons with the Raiders, starting 99 games and becoming one of the better goalkeepers. The NFL.

“Mistakes happen,” Acks Exxon said kindly on Tuesday as he spoke to Seattle media through Zium. “And frankly, it could have been someone playing on my phone, you know. And I was just about to start my NFL career:. But I’m here now. “

He is the only addition to Seattle’s much-discussed, much-discussed attacking line to date, which has come to the forefront of the season following Russell Wilson’s unusually candid comments that he is frustrated with striking as often as he is when he is nine years old. -year-old Seahawks career.

The Seahawks were able to acquire the Acks Exxon after the Raiders decided to either trade or release him for the $ 9.6 million և $ 9.5 million he owed for the next two seasons.

Acks Exxon was vague about the details of how the finances were playing to get him out of the Raiders, saying: “It’s a business. It kind of worked out at both ends. “

Indeed, as Tuesday Exxon first revealed on Tuesday, he has agreed to sign a new contract with the Seahawks that will help both parties. Jackson’s contract now expires in 2023. In the season, which gives him a “slight extension”.

As previously reported by NFL network Ian Rapoport, the total value of the three-year deal is up to և 22.75 million, which includes a $ 9 million signing bonus և $ 7,075 additional guarantees. None of his Raiders are guaranteed.

But the third year increase also allows Seattle to extend its peak in three years, in particular to lower it to $ 4.075 million in 2021. For the season. Basically $ 5.5 million less than his previous hit. A source in the Times confirmed the contract.

That’s a must-have for the $ 1.7 million Seahawks listed on Tuesday (before the news of Exxon’s new deal surfaced).

“It’s not very different,” Acks Exxon said of his new contract. “Just a little extension.”

With a secure future, he could focus on trying to make a difference for Seattle’s attack, which would otherwise bring back six of the top seven players a year ago.

What does acks Exxon think about all the focus on Seattle’s offensive line because of Wilson’s comments?

Exxon, 29, said he did not feel he would be in the spotlight more than usual. “As a striker or as a player in general, I always feel like you are under a microscope,” said Acks Exxon.

Jackson said he had already talked to Wilson. “She is OK. I do not know if he was as excited as I was (yes, that meant a joke). But we were both happy to work together. ”

The question remains, where exactly will do exon do that work?

The only place in Seattle’s offensive line where the start does not return is the left-back, who played Mike Yupati, who has retired for the last two years.

At the same time, the Five Exxons have spent the last five seasons with the Raiders on the right wing, where Seattle has newcomer Damien Lewis. However, the Acks Exon also played left-back in Mississippi, as he did in his first two seasons with the Raiders.

Acks Ekson said Seattle did not tell him exactly where he would play, but said it did not matter.

“You always have to get used to either side,” said Acks Exxon. “It simply came to our notice then. Your body adapts և learns how to move. But it is possible. And whatever the team wants me to do, the coaches want me to do it, I’m in favor of that. “

During his interview on Tuesday, he did not seem discouraged from entering the boiler of controversy in the Seattle offensive line.

According to him, coming to Seattle “is a new beginning. It almost feels like project day. It seems to me that I am new again. Start moving to a new place, meet new people, just start over. ”

The Seahawks make Carlos Dunlap official

The Seahawks officially announced the signing of Carlos Dunlap on Tuesday.

Last week, it was reported that Dunlap had agreed to a two-year deal worth up to $ 16.6 million, with a guaranteed $ 8.5 million. This came after the Seahawks released Dunlap in early March to reduce its payroll. Initially, Danlap had a one-year contract worth $ 14.1 million for 2021.

Now it looks like the Seahawks have been able to acquire both the Acks Exxon and Dunlap for a less combined hat in 2021 than just Dunlap (full details of Dunlap’s new contract have yet to be released).

Dunbar Travels to Arizona, Detroit; Wright talks to Cowboy

It is reported that two of the most famous free agents in Seattle, corner defender Kinton Dunbar և full-back K. Right.

SI.com reported Monday that Wright, who has been in Seattle since 2011, is “negotiating” with Dallas on Monday, whose team Wright says will be one of the teams he dreams of playing for.

It is unclear how hard Seattle is working to keep Wright, possibly meeting the main line of responsibilities to take Jord son Brooks և Cody Barton in 2021.

Dunbar, who earned his Seattle right-back case during a training camp last season, plans to visit Detroit-Arizona this week, according to a report by Rapoport.

Danbar wrote on his Instagram page that he had talked to the Seahawks, “they think Seattle will want to behave.”

Seattle also has Ahkelo Witherspoon, DJ Reed and Tre Flowers on the corner, but was expected to add another player to the mix. A report last week said there might be a mutual interest in Seattle’s former Seahawk Richard Sherman, although news has been circulating on the front in recent days.


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