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UCLA beats Bama 88-78 in OT to reach Elite Eight

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – James Que Jr. remembers the moment when Mick Cronin appeared at UCLA, the new coach promised to bring history back by injecting mental and physical strength that the team never had.

It was useful on Sunday night.

While watching the second generation Alabama Alex Reese use the Bruins’ soft defense, he broke the 3-point shot, added extra overtime work, and his blue-eyed boys were not fully discussed at this time.

Instead, they scored the first five points of the extra session, then went on to win 88-78, giving the 11th-ranked Bruns their first trip since Elite Eight in 2008 and Cronin their first of 18 years. coaching career.

“When he came to UCLA,” he said, “he was basically preaching all the time, no matter what happened, we were going to be a tough team, we were going to be a defensive team. That was his whole attitude. “No matter what happens, we will be the most difficult team to get on the pitch.”

Now, after winning in overtime in Michigan just to avoid the top four, the undeniable Bruns are advancing to the NCAA Tournament. Next on Tuesday night is Michigan’s top spot in the quarterfinals.

“We could have packed things many times,” Cronin said. “But I told them they had been patient with me for two years, trying to strengthen their toughness and competitive spirit.” “They let me do it. You see the results now.”

UCLA thought they had won the game in regulation when Cody Riley was 14-63 seconds behind, and Herbert Ones, an Alabama under-75s shooter, missed his two attempts for six seconds.

Singleton made a mistake and made two free throws for UCLA, setting the score 65-62 after 4 seconds. But that did give Crimson Tide plenty of time to find Reese, whose connecting 3-pointer splashed just before the buzz.

“I’m a dirty boy,” Cronin said of such situations, “but my concern was that they knew, ‘When we went for a foul, he was going to hit the penalty kick, he was wrong.’ The kids came out on bail and played great in overtime. ”

When star guard John oni uz uzang already broke the score, que axes Ս David Singleton took control.

Que Axes curled up in a jumper – made it 74-68, then dug 3 points later, making it 77-70. Singleton’s free throws in less than a minute made it 79-70, and UCLA (21-9) had only to put the pitch off the rough line.

“We were not good enough to beat them today. They were better, “said Crimson Tide coach Nate Oates. “It simply came to our notice then. They could be folded. They did not. “They came out and punched us in the mouth.”

Ju Yul Bernard also scored 17 points, Singleton had 15 points and Uz Uzang այ Tiger Campbell added 13 points each for the Bruces, ah ahwon Quinerley had 20 points and Pet on Petty Jr. had 16 points for the ims.

Alabama (26-7) was just 11 in 25 of the rough line, missing out on two attempts in extra time, while losing for the eighth time in Sweet 16. His only Elite Eight tour was in 2004.

“There are zero variables in free throw, except for the pressure you put on yourself,” Oates said. “I do not know if some boys missed the early omissions of some boys. It’s frustrating. We train them, we win the game. “


As the sun shone through the windows of the Hinckle Fieldhouse walls, giving a warm glow to the thousands of fans inside, the network, the school known for its championship line, struck the wood first.

The Crimson Tide soon came to an end, even after 41 ounces made two offensive errors in the first 41 seconds as their brilliant back course set the pace. Quinerley continued to break the Browns’ defensive line, և Alice did her best to imitate the 3-point lead of her school career, scoring 3 steps back.

For a while, Juzang kept the Bruins alone in the game.

The move from Kentucky created enough baskets to slow Alabama’s upward trajectory, allowing UCLA to turn the game into a midfield, or, as Cronin calls it, “reasonable” style of play.

Then the rest of the Bruces mixed.

Singleton stepped out of the bench to bury two 3-pointers. Que Axes, the hero of their first Quartet victory over Michigan, knocked down his own jumper. And Bernard hit the top three, turning one roughly into a four-point game, the last of which led UCLA 40-29 in the locker room.

To start the second half, Alabama immediately narrowed its deficit to 11-0, starting the last “next clash in the last 15 minutes between the unknown plan for the March craze, the plan to try to own it.”

It turned out that it was not enough. It took another five minutes to decide.


UCLA is heading for its first regional final since 2008, when the Bruins made three consecutive finals of the Final Four under Ben Howland. They lost their last three games in Sweet 16, and Cronin lost his only other trip in 2012.

This season, Alabama led the nation with 3 points and tried to do so, so it was appropriate for 3 to send the game overtime. But Crimson Tide hit only six others during the game, finishing 25-7 across the bow.


The Brunins will play for Wolverine, which has a high bargain, to reach the quarter-finals. UCLA defeated Michigan in three of their four NCAA Games, including the 1965 National Championships in Portland, Oregon.


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