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Uber will recruit 20,000 UK drivers for the recall

LONDON (AP) – Uber plans to recruit another 20,000 drivers in the UK to help meet the growing demand for rides as coronavirus-blocking restrictions become easier in the country.

San Francisco-based floating companies said Thursday they plan to register additional drivers by the end of the year, adding to the 70,000 it already has in the UK.

Uber reports that destinations in the UK have risen by 50% since April 12, when British pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen for open-air meals and drinks as part of a government plan to ease COVID-19 rules. The remaining restrictions are expected to be lifted by June 21 if the virus cases do not increase again.

Uber’s acquisition in the UK highlights the company’s wider return after demand deepened last year following an epidemic.

Uber has already announced that it will offer bonuses and other incentives to US drivers in March after the total monthly bookings, including food delivery and passenger service, reached all records.

Uber says new UK drivers will be eligible for benefits such as vacation pay and pensions, which they began offering after the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers should be classified as employees rather than self-employed և have such privileges.


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