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Two lawsuits are filed against United Airlines in connection with the engine explosion

DENVER (AP) – Two passengers on a United Airlines plane who were forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines broke down and wrecked debris in the Colorado area sued the company on Friday.

Joseph Oz McGinley of Yonolulu Chic Chic Joseph McGinley of Sioux City, Iowa, where United are based, is said to have suffered personal, emotional and financial damage in a Boeing 777 engine crash on February 20.

United declined to comment on the lawsuit, said spokeswoman Leslie Scott.

A video posted on Twitter shows the engine igniting after the plane flew from Denver. The passengers, who were heading to Honolulu, said they were afraid the plane would crash after the explosion, after the light shone, while people saw huge pieces of the plane falling to the ground, just losing one house and smashing the truck.

No one was injured on the plane or on the ground.

“Imagine a passenger looking out of a plane window at a burning engine. “The terror you have experienced lasts a lifetime,” said Chicago attorney Robert A. Clifford in the lawsuit statement.

His company also represents the families of 72 passengers who died in a 2019 Boeing 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash of the United Aircraft engine, but says microscopic examination substantiates early suspicions that wear has resulted inside the fan blade engine.

In each lawsuit, the plaintiffs are sentenced to $ 50,000 in damages, as well as other costs and damages.


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