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Two German governors want to be center-right candidates

BERLIN (AP) – The two governors of the German state on Sunday announced their readiness to become a center-right candidate in the country’s September 26 general elections.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not want to run for a fifth term after 16 years in office. His center-right bloc has yet to choose a candidate from the two governors, Armin Laschet and Markus Sawder.

“I and Marcus Sawder talked for a long time,” Laskhet told reporters after a meeting of the bloc’s parliamentary faction leaders. “We have both announced our readiness to run for chancellor.”

Armin Laschet, the governor of Germany’s most populous North Rhine-Westphalia state, took over the leadership of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in January. He hopes to replace Merkel as chancellor, as does Sեդder, who is the governor of Bavaria and the only CSU leader in Bavaria.

The center-right Union bloc, which is made up of two parties but is dominated by the Christian Democrats, has not yet decided on its candidate in the parliamentary elections. However, a decision is expected in the coming days.

“There is a high expectation that a solution will be reached soon, rather than on the issue of running for chancellor,” Soder said. “We decided that we were both capable, we were ready, which is possible, that we both treat each other with respect.”

“Our goal is to create as much unity as possible between the CDU and the CSU in this situation, where the country finds itself with the outgoing Chancellor,” Laskhet said.


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