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Twitter again mistakenly suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene

WASHINGTON (AP) – Marjorie Taylor Green of the United States was suspended from Twitter on Sunday, which the company said was a mistake, its second such mistake in three weeks.

The former Republican of Georgia, who previously promoted violence against Democrats and conspiracy theories about QAnon և 9/11 attacks, was unable to post an account for several hours. The suspension came after Greene tweeted about Easter և և referring to a post about abortion.

Twitter confirmed that the suspension was a mistake made by one of its automated systems.

“We use a combination of technology and human review to enforce Twitter rules throughout the use space,” the San Francisco-based company said in a statement. “In this case, our automated systems have taken enforcement action on the wrongly mentioned account.”

Last month, Green’s account was suspended for about 12 hours, which, according to the company, was also wrong.

Twitter declined to comment publicly on why Greene’s account had been affected twice, whether other accounts had been affected.

Green declined to comment on Twitter.

“Twitter” mistakenly “stopped me again yesterday after I posted on Twitter:” He is risen. ” “Everyone knows this is a lie, it was not wrong.”

Green, who has nearly 400,000 Twitter followers, says most of his most controversial posts were written before he was elected, that he no longer supports QAnon, the unfounded belief that former President Donald Trump is a secret struggle. to push against the devil’s child-disturbing cannibals.

The remaining message to Green’s office was not returned immediately on Monday.


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