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Topless clubs among the businesses that can be reopened in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Impartial dancers can lift coronavirus restrictions in Las Vegas next weekend և face off again with sponsors, according to rules adopted by the COVID-19 state working group on Thursday.

But masks will still be required for adult entertainment staff, they are offered to customers.

The City of Strip strip clubs, which were darkened when Njada Governor Steve Sisolak ordered the closure of casinos and clubs that could not close businesses by March 2020, will be able to open on May 1 at 80% of the fire code, according to strict social exclusion guidelines.

The rules will allow strip club entertainers to be 3 feet (0.9 meters) closer to customers if county rules allow the entertainer to receive at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days in advance, or if the dancer takes a negative COVID-19 weekly test.

Up limits will be reduced, but will not be completely eliminated at many other businesses, including shops, spas, saunas, restaurants, bars and even karaoke clubs, according to a reopening plan approved by district officials on Tuesday, outlined by Clark County Deputy Fire Chief Billy Samuels on Thursday.

Hair, nail salons, tattoo parlors, massage therapists will be able to book clients only by appointment.

A separate plan to remove restrictions almost completely disappeared in the Washo area after the health district, school officials in Reno complained, pointing to a growing number of local coronavirus cases.

The current rules, including 50% capacity և 6 feet (1.8 meters) social distance, will remain in force.

As of Thursday, the coronavirus epidemic in Najada had killed 5,400 people, severely damaged tourism, conferences, hotel reservations, and the economy, which depended on large crowds. It closed the business, threatened the livelihoods of bartenders, waiters, entertainers, and hotel clerks.

“We know there is COVID fatigue in our community,” said Bob Lucy, chairman of the Washo County Committee, before accepting a proposal to expand the support of working group leader Caleb Cage and present a final plan in the coming days. There is no definite schedule.

Lucy preferred a “feasible” plan to ease restrictions, but accepted the rift between regional policymakers.

“People are going to come back to life, the things they have missed over the last year, whether we dictate mandates or not,” he said.

The disruption comes after last-minute protest letters came after County Health Minister Ken Dick and Reno’s manager Doug Thornley pointed to the first-ever version found in the United Kingdom. `7.2%: The World Health Organization targets 5% or less to reduce restrictions.

Scientists in the UK believe that the variant is more contagious than previously found strains. But U.S. health officials say vaccinations are now being implemented against the variant.

Dick and Thornley called for social distance requirements to be maintained at least until June 1.

Cage said the working group, which first began work in August, still plans to hand over coronavirus mitigation measures in 17 states on May 1 to local control.

The governor has set June 1 as the year for the removal of essentially all state restrictions, except that people have face masks.

Several rural areas of Nyada received a move on Thursday to ease restrictions to restart businesses on May 1, including Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt and Nye. Other regions were established last week.

Keira Morgan, a state biologist, reminded the working group that lifting the restrictions would almost certainly spread the virus and increase the number of COVID-19 cases.

The State Department of Health and Human Services has collected more than 312,000 cases in the last 13 months. Rates have slowed since the peak in December and January.

As restrictions are eased in and around Las Vegas, bar seats will be good next month, with up to four people in each group, մարդ 12 people can be accommodated around the tables. Most restrictions on youth and adult sports will be lifted.

Casino Day Clubs և Nightclubs may reopen, although designated dance areas will remain closed until health officials report that 60% of community vaccinations are not met.

The Clark County legislature’s reopening plan for the state’s densest neighborhood, its main economic district, is based on reports from regional health officials that more than 16 percent of people in the district have received at least one vaccine. As of Tuesday, that number was about 43%.



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