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Tokyo Games organizers. There is no decision yet on the Osaka torch relay

TOKYO (AP) – No decision has yet been made on reversing the Olympic torch relay around Osaka later this month. The chairman of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee said on Friday.

“We are discussing with the Osaka Prefecture Government, as well as the Executive Committee, to reach a conclusion as soon as possible,” Seiko Hashimoto told an online briefing.

The mayor of Osaka, the governor of the prefecture, said on Thursday that he wanted the relay legs through the city to be canceled on April 14 due to the rising incidence of COVID-19.

The relay left for Japan a week before the northeast of Aponia, crossing the country with 10,000 runners. It will end on July 23 at the opening ceremony.

The relay is testing to see if the organizers can organize a large-scale event during the epidemic. Failure to do so will raise more questions about the risks of hosting the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, with 15,400 athletes entering the 4 aponia, accompanied by tens of thousands of officials, judges, coaches and the media.

Organizers said last month that fans from abroad would not be allowed to visit the Olympics և Paralympics.

Hashimoto has repeatedly said that a decision will be made this month on maximum capacity indoors. He said on Friday that the decision could be postponed.

“Circumstances may change during April,” he said. “But we would like to be general this month. But at what point we could do that, I can not say now. We are now in the midst of discussions. “

The organizers hope to fill the local fans as much as possible. They had a budget of $ 800 million for ticket sales, but would be millions less because of banning fans from abroad.

Any deficiency must be compensated by the Japanese institutions of Japanese aponia. The official value of the Olympic Games is $ 15.4 billion, but several government inspections show that they could be twice as much. All but $ 6.7 billion is money.

Hashimoto said organizers had lodged a “complaint” with Shukan Bunshun weekly, which this week published 280 pages of leaked documents about the opening and closing ceremonies.

The organizers asked for the article to be removed from the “online version” of the magazine.

Hashimoto said the leaked documents “contained confidential information that needed to remain on the organizing committee, which could ultimately hamper the organizing committee’s effective management.”

Most of the documents seem to relate to internal communication rather than specific ceremony programs.

The newspaper said in a statement on Friday that it was in the public interest because taxpayers’ money was involved.

“It is clear that this (publication) is not a copyright infringement or interference with business,” says the magazine.

“We think it is abnormal for an organization of public interest that receives taxpayer money to make this unusual claim. We refuse to give in to such unjust demands, we will continue our coverage and reporting efforts. ”

Speaking on behalf of Hashimoto, Gsuji Ito, chief financial officer of the organizing committee, acknowledged that the cost of the ceremony really included state funding.

“Given the role the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has in the government, we have a portion of that subsidy for the operation and planning of the ceremonies,” Eito said.


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