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Tokyo Games. Officials say the cancellation, fans still do not choose

TOKYO (AP) – Two high-ranking officials of Japan’s ruling LDP party in Japan said on Thursday that radical changes could take place at the Tokyo Olympics. One went so far as to suggest that they could still be canceled, and the other that even if they continued, they might be without fans.

The general secretary of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Toshihiro Nika, has offered to cancel just one day after Tokyo reached the 100-day deadline on Wednesday.

He made his comments on a show recorded by the Japanese TV channel TBS.

“If the continuation of the games seems impossible, they will definitely be canceled,” Nika said. “If there is a wave of infections due to the Olympics, then it does not make sense to have the Olympics.”

To the question whether the cancellation is still an option, Nika said. “Of course.”

He added: “Japan can have a successful Olympics for Aponia. It is a great opportunity. I want it to succeed. We will have a lot of problems to solve, to prepare, to take care of them one by one. ”

COVID-19 cases are on the rise across Aponia. More than 1,100 new cases were reported in Japan, Japan’s second-largest capital, Osaka, on Wednesday, the highest level since January. Japan aponia has also recorded more than 4,000 new cases, also high estimates dating back to the beginning of the year. Japan’s aponia attributed 9,500 deaths to COVID-19, which is good by world standards but bad in Asia.

Taron Kono, the government minister responsible for distributing Oponia vaccines, said that even if the Olympics continued, there might not be any fans in the area. He said it was likely that the Olympics would be held in empty spaces, especially when the number of cases increases across the country.

This means that there will be only television cameras to record the actions, which will be joined by some journalists, judges and relevant officials.

The postponed 2020 Olympics are set to open for more than three months on July 23, and the Paralympic Games on August 24. Fans from abroad have already been banned. Now even the Japanese audience could stay away, as cases of viruses are on the rise across the country.

“I think the question is how to make the Olympics as good as it can be in this situation,” Kono said on a television talk show on Thursday. “It could mean that there will probably be no spectators.”

Cono did not suggest that the Olympics not move forward, but he said they could only be held “under certain conditions.”

“The way these Olympics are held will be very different from the previous ones,” he said.

Tokyo organizers have announced that they expect to make a decision this month on the number of fans allowed in each location.

The organizers expected to receive about $ 800 million from ticket sales, which is their third largest source of revenue. Any deficiency must be filled by Japanese government agencies that already pay most of the bills.

The official cost of the Olympics is $ 15.4 billion, but several government inspections have shown that it could be double that.


AP report author Steven Wade contributes to this report.


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