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Tokyo adopts stricter virus rules and starts vaccinating elders

TOKYO (AP) – Tokyo on Monday took tougher measures against the coronavirus as it struggled to curb the spread of a more contagious version ahead of the Olympics in a country where less than 1% of people have been vaccinated.

Japan began treating its aphonia with health workers և On Monday, it spread to older residents, with the first shootings taking place in about 120 selected locations across the country.

The stricter rules of COVID-19, which expired in the capital just three weeks after the end of the state of emergency, allow the governor of Tokyo to open shorter hours for bars and restaurants, punish offenders, and compensate those who comply. The events remain until May 11.

The status was also raised for Kyoto in the prefecture of the southern islands of Okoniawa in western western Aponia, where cases have risen in recent weeks. The state of emergency is set to continue until May 5, the end of Japan’s Golden Week holiday in Japan, to discourage travel.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has urged residents to avoid trivialities and engage in social distance. He demanded that bars and restaurants in many parts of the prefecture close at 8pm.

An in-home nursing home in central Tokyo was one of the places where vaccinations were given on Monday.

But Koike urged residents to swing and be careful while vaccinations are in the early stages.

“We are still unarmed as we fight the renaissance of infections,” Koike said. “Please follow the guidelines.”

Health officials will also patrol bars and restaurants to ensure safety, and testing will increase in nursing homes.

Alarm status was raised a week ago in Osaka-Hyogo, as well as for booths in the western prefecture of Miyagi in the north. Fifteen cities in six prefectures, including central Tokyo, are now under increased virus control.

The non-binding state of emergency ended in Tokyo on March 21. The return of Tokyo to a two-day warning underscores the difficulty of balancing the economy with anti-virus measures. The government of Suga has been criticized for being too slow to take antiviral measures because of its reluctance to cause further damage to the epidemic.

Japan’s epidemic manages the epidemic better than the United States շատ Many European countries, but not as well compared to other Asian countries և Vaccines are lagging behind mainly due to limited supplies of the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only one approved in Japan aponia, so it relies entirely on imports :

The first group of elderly people had their first shot fired on Monday in the western town of Hachioji in western Aponia. But officials are waiting for a slow start, initially due to limited freight. It will be the end of June, when Japan aponia will have enough vaccine to cover the elderly population of 36 million.

In Japan, more than 1 million people in Aponia received the first of two doses of the vaccine, a wave of events that could lead to further cancellation of the Olympic Games.

Vaccinations for medical workers began in mid-February, and the campaign will focus on the elderly until the end of June. The rest of the population will probably have to wait until July, which makes it almost impossible for Japan to soak up the so-called herd of immunity before the Tokyo Olympics on July 23.



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