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To feed Florida. Allow the vessels to operate, otherwise we will sue

FORT LODDERLED, FLORIDA. (AP) – Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over its continued use of ports, threatening to sue on Friday if one of the state’s largest tourist destinations is not allowed to resume operations soon. ,

Arriving in Port Canaveral with the leaders of Carnival, Norway, and Disney և Royal Caribbean, DeSantis told Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody that they were considering legal options if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not allow the U.S. until summer.

The state is the navigation capital of the nation with the three most active ports in the world. Miami, Port Canaveral Near Kennedy Space Center և Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale. Millions of people usually walk from Florida every year և The industry generates billions for the state economy.

More about the COVID-19 epidemic

DeSantis said the ongoing ban would only hurt Florida without affecting the epidemic as shipping resumed in other parts of the world, with Americans flying to nearby Bahamas to board ships.

“Is it right for the government to remain idle in industry for a year?” said the Republican governor. He said people now have to decide for themselves what they are willing to take.

The CDC shut down the navigation industry a year ago after several outbreaks of coronavirus were linked to ships around the world. DeSantis ղեկավար industry leaders said on Friday that as widespread testing աստ vaccines become more available, the danger is now no worse than open air և train directions. Much voyage has resumed with restrictions and protocols in most parts of the world. Industry leaders say there have been no new outbreaks of their ships.

The CDC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It issued guidelines in October requiring navigating vessels to conduct mock trips, test procedures, and have testing laboratories inside until passengers are allowed, but no further instructions were given, leaving the ban effective.

University of Florida epidemiologist Cindy Prince defended the ban, saying it was too early to launch cruise ships. Unlike other modes of transportation, navigating families and groups mix and eat together for long periods of time, increasing the likelihood of spreading, he said, adding that testing and showing symptoms are not a perfect method of prevention.

He said navigation lines should be restricted to passengers and crew only those who can prove they are fully vaccinated to avoid spreading the virus. No industry leader suggested on Friday that it would be a demand if they resumed operations in the United States, և DeSantis spoke out against the vaccine for participation in the economy.

Moody’s, which is also Republican, says that if a lawsuit is filed, it will challenge the ban because it is based on outdated medical information that is no longer valid.

“When you have a government that works against the interests of its citizens, the viability it serves is a problem. “And historically, you can see how that leads to the downfall of those who are trying to rule.”

In 2019, more than 8 million passengers sailed from Florida, the last year of the epidemic. The International Cruise Lines Association estimates that 150,000 jobs are created in the state by industry, including hotels, restaurants and airlines, bringing in nearly $ 8 billion in wages. Almost all of it has been destroyed.

Industry executives who appeared with DeSantis և Moody’s complained that there had been little movement towards reopening in the United States, although shipping in the Caribbean, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia and Asia had resumed.

“Let’s get people back on track. The state of health has changed, “said Thomas Mazlum, President of Disney Cruise Line. “Cruise lines are very successful navigation outside the United States, proving that navigating with the right protocols is a very safe and beautiful experience.”


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