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Three main questions. Can UW defense stop the run (և find its next dominant line of defense)?


It was used by Icaika Maloe on December 8, 2020, when she was asked about her defense. Three days ago, Stanford, who finished last in the game in the Pac-12 with an urgent injury (120.67 yards per game), struck the Huskies with 191 yards, 4.8 yards per move and three quick touchdowns. 26 victories. By the way, this is the same Stanford team that had to spend a week sleeping in Seattle hotels and training in local high schools because of the COVID-19 protocols.

Plus, that overwhelming result was far from vulgar. Excluding a 44-27 victory over victorious Arizona, Washington averaged 191 yards և 4.94 yards per action against its three other opponents, Stanford, Utah and Oregon.

And yet, Haskier, at the same time, 3. They had 1 score. They were preparing for the game to be played on December 12 in Oregon, which will be decided by the representative of the Northern Division in the title match Pac-12.

“After all, it comes down to the details, the technique, what we teach, what does not happen,” Maloe said on December 8. “As a coach, I accept that personality. I think when the defense plays awful, it’s just me. My job is to make sure that does not happen this weekend.

“It simply came to our notice then. The next day of the game we hit a sleigh to score points. “I look forward to seeing these guys really physically fit against our opponent this Saturday.”

Of course, Oregon’s game was later canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 within the UW football program, ending Husky’s season abruptly.

But since the spring internship starts on Wednesday, the question remains.

Can UW defense stop the run?

At their best, Huskies always have. Consider UW usage protection numbers since Chris Petersen arrived in Seattle in 2014.

Year |: Rush yards allowed in each game | for one move to enemy yards

2014 |: 125.56 |: 3.50:

2015 |: 147.56 |: 3.73:

2016 |: 133.20 |: 3.96:

2017 |: 91.89 |: 2.63:

2018 |: 117.10 |: 3.63:

2019 |: 142.44 |: 4.03:

2020 |: 161.25 |: 4.54:

Even with defensive leader Levi Onuzurike’s outside striker Tryo Trayon, who both dropped out of the 2020 season, those numbers began to slip in 2019. And if we dig deeper, the success of the UW team was largely in line with the ability to stop the race. In their eight wins in 2019, the Huskies allowed an average of 98.25 yards per game և 3.46 yards per transport. In their five defeats, those numbers reached 171.4 yards per game և 4.2 yards per move.

When UW stopped running, it did so on a dominant defensive line. In 2014, Danny Shelton applied for 93 solutions, 16.5 losses, nine bags and five problems before being elected. 12թ: overall in the 2015 NFL draft. Vita Vea was named the second team pan-American in 2017, before (ironically) 12թ: Overall, like Greg Gaines, he was the All-Pac-12 first team player in 2018, before the Aries were selected in the fourth round of the 2019 draft. And Onwuzurike, the 2019 All-Pac-12 first team selection, could be the first defensive line off the 2021 draft this month.

Because Jim’s Lake’s defense puts such an emphasis on subgroups և bonus defenders, the dominant defensive line is required to take on double teams ստեղծել to create chaos up front.

But does Washington have a dominant defensive line on its list?

“I think a lot of guys are going to take action,” Onvuzurike said of his support last week. “I think (Sam’s under Taiman) ուլ Tulin (Letuligasenoa) are working to get stronger this off-season. So I expect good things. We have good boys. We have (Jacob) Bandes, Draco (Bynum), (Faatui Tuitele). So I’m excited to see them. “

The most likely candidate seems to be 6-foot, 305-pound Letuligaseno, who missed most of the 2020 season due to injury. In a December 8 interview, Maloe said he expected Letuligaseno to play “his best game” against Oregon.

“He left a kind of rust, his confidence returned,” said Maloe, who has since moved from defensive to defensive. “She is ready to go again. He built trust in our room. Those guys depended on Tully, and so did we. So I’m really looking forward to him shining this Saturday. “

Maybe in the healthy off-season, the junior red shirt is still shining. And with the exception of Letuligasenoa, Taimani, Bandes և Tuitele are all former four-star recruits who have yet to make a lasting impact on Pac-12 levels. Defender Rip Rowan, a former freshman who previously did not work as a full-time coach, remains to shift his students’ potential to tangible output. UW also hires a new defensive coordinator, Immigration Coach Bob Gregory.

But running defense does not depend only on the defensive line. It also demands that the players who came out on the field throw blocks, attack the gaps, and consistently knock down the goalkeepers, which Edefuan Ulufosio certainly did last season.

In his first fall of a full-time start, 6 6 feet, Ու 230 Ու Ulofoshio led the Huskies with 47 solutions, 20 more than anyone else, և added four transfer breaks, two fraud recovery, one forced foul և one bag. He received All-Pac-12’s second team և Pro Football Focus և Phil Steele’s second teammates.

But alongside Ullofosio, Jackson Sirmon Jr. struggled to stand out. And when the spring ball starts, the midfielders of the team, including junior MJ Tafisi, freshmen Alphonzo Tuputala, Daniel Heimuli, Josh Calvert and Miki Ah You, will try to make a positive impression.

Taking a closer look, Lake Defense’s program is designed to eliminate explosive transition games,, UW has done this for the past seven seasons.

But UW led the Pac-12 for four consecutive years, from 2015 to 2018, at the expense of total defense points, as it simultaneously stopped running.

This is critical statistics,: a question that needs to be answered.


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