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Thomas lives in the suburbs ժամանակ gatherings to win the Players’ Championship

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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fl. (AP) – Just Astin Thomas has found the right time for the perfect performance to kick off a rough start to the year, coming together with three shots from behind in a bold game to close out the 4- to 68-year-old on Sunday to win the Players’ Championship.

Thomas becomes only the fourth player to win a league – the Player Cup, the FedEx Cup – the World Golf Cup, it could not have been a better time.

He called it as good as he had ever played “green-green” – he needed it to overtake Lee Westwood, the tough runner-up for the second week in a row. Westwood bounced the last hole for 72 to catch one shot.

Thomas began the year with a barely audible anti-homosexual noise under his breath after a short pore. This led to one of the corporate sponsors rejecting him and the other publicly reprimanding him. When he had a chance to win, he learned that his grandfather had died before the final round of the Phoenix Open.

He was shocked until Sunday at TPC Sawgrass, where he took every shot and delivered a jewel.

Thomas turned around at the turn և finally removed Westwood at a distance of 50 feet with a pair of legs. One for the bird in the 5th-16th to take the lead, the other in the green 17th of the island. for equal.

Thomas had one more blow before it became clear. He took the water, outlined the left side of the 18th track, moving the ball from right to left, jumping straight from the crown of the first cut into a safe passage.

His approach fell on the edge. The first green he missed all day, leaving two clear points – the 14th victory of his PGA Tour career. He returns to No. 2 in the world.

“I fought so hard today,” said Thomas. “It’s probably one of the best times of my life. “I’ve seen some crazy things on TV before. I’m glad to be on that side.”

All the craziness came soon.

Bryson DeChambeau, who defeated Bay Hill last week, threw the iron into the fourth hole of the Te-4, which ran just 140 yards, before sinking into the water. Before the 237 yards to the green with tea water, he hit a piece with 5 irons, about 40 yards of green.

“Brother, I do not know what happened.” he said to his caddy. “I have never done that before.”

Dechambo made a double spotted էր scratching the rest of the way to stay in the game. He still had a chance to reach two places with the 16th hole eagle, but when Thomas equalized at 17, his chances were close. DeChambo hit 71 վեց, tied for third place with Brian Harman with 69 points, playing the last 12 holes without spotting.

Westwood, 47, hit the surface of the water in his fourth hole and had to make 8 feet to save the spot. He hit his approach with a pine straw, which he cut into two branches and found water in the 5th second hole to make variegated.

He was never far from the lead, վ Westwood restored some of the lead with an 8-meter bird dung on the 14th.

His chances started to slip with his second shot under the 5th 16th shot. It hit a large oak, fell into the sand, and its third shot found a bunker in front of the greenery. Instead of matching the birds with Thomas, who was in the lead, Westwood had to intervene to stay the same.

And on the 17th, his long experience of flying a bird rolled 7 feet near the hole. He struck another blow, and finally missed.

Thomas was out of the cut line after nine holes on Friday. He finished it on Saturday with 64 to get into the mess, finishing the style for $ 2.7 million, winning the strongest, deepest golf course.

It ended a year after the PGA Tour closed a year ago after a round of The Players. Thomas was a member of the Player Advisory Board involved in the recapture of golf from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Together with Commissioner Ay Monahan, he looked at the Golden Cup to soak up the golf course in a year. For Thomas, he had come a long way in three months.

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