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Things to do at home

Here is a sample of the events of the week, how to cope (all times are sunny). Please note that events are subject to change after publication.

Join “Your Magic” from the episode of the new podcast From Parcast: Every Monday, Michelle Tea, the writer-host of the show, reveals the mystique of caring for guests, including Phoebe Bridges, Roxanne Gay, and Brittany Howard. Each episode will feature a tarot card reading, an interview, as well as a practice of magic, and an opportunity for Mrs. Tea to read tarot for the audience. This podcast is free: available on Spotify.

When: Yt any time

Where: thisisyourmagic.com/ the most recent episodes

Grab a popcorn bag և Watch one of the 78 films screened at the 2021 Athens Film Festival (or more!), Annual Festival, Women համագործակց Hollywood Collaboration on Gender Diversity ներառ Involvement in the Film Industry, և Barnar College Athena Leadership Center, study և Celebrate the film’s reputation in film. This year’s “Sample” includes film critic Dika Girish, who says viewers are “questioning our assumptions about what rape և victim ՝ on the screen և is like in life,” writes The New York Times. The film will premiere throughout the month. Tickets are $ 12 for each movie, and viewers have 48 hours to finish the movie.

When: Yt any time until March 31st

Where: watch.athenafilmfestival.com:

Learn the science behind the swings : Create your own (if you choose) during a child-friendly demonstration. Sponsored by Flint Hills Resources, a chemical fuel producer hosted by the Houston Children’s Museum, this event will show viewers how to make a pendulum out of household items. Museum educator Andrea Hernandez will also answer questions from the e-audience. This event is free; registration is not required. (The recording of the event will be available on the museum’s YouTube channel).

When: 14: At 45

Where: www.facebook.com/cmhouston:

Join the Nobel Laureate! Kazuo Ishiguro in conversation with writer-critic Alex Clark. In this global, live broadcast, Mr. Ishiguro will discuss his new novel, Clarinet, which will be the first to answer questions from the audience after winning the Nobel Prize. Tickets for this event, presented by The Guardian Live, start at $ 10.

When: 14:00:

Where: theguardian.com/guardianlive:

Discharge back Yoga evening course with: Eric Mosley, The founder of Black Mat Yoga. Mr. Mosley, who aims to expand the worlds of yoga և health, will teach a 45-minute flow lesson that is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. At the end of the course, students are encouraged to have a drink of their choice for a virtual toast, talk about their yoga practice or thoughts that are different. The class is $ 10 and registration ends at 5 p.m. Attendance is limited to 50, but Mr. Mosley teaches the same class Wednesday.

When: 6 in the evening

Where: blackmat.yoga / schedule:

Spend the evening watching “What becomes love?” New work by choreographer Sonya Tayeh. The performance, which featured dancers from the American Ballet Theater և Rhye’s original music and a project by singer Mike Milosh, was created while Ms. Tayeh և was dancing in a “ballet bubble” on the outskirts of New York State. The collaboration between the American Ballet Theater’s “National Sawdust Music Venue” will be followed by a talk with the artists. This event is free.

When: 6 in the evening

Where: live.nationalsawdust.org:

Learn the cabbage recipe և Prepare your garden in the spring cooking դաս gardening lesson from the United States Botanical GardenEach week, the sisters Daniel Cook, a nutritionist and cooking instructor, and Adrien Cook, a gardening and cooking writer, will share a recipe followed by gardening tips. This week, Daniel will present a meal using cabbage, and Adrien will share ideas for making a home garden in the spring. This event is free.

When: 12 in the evening

Where: usbg.gov/ cooking

Flow «F * ck7thGrade», theatrical performance about rock-n-roll singer-songwriter ill il Sobule. Through a book by director Lisa Peterson և Lisa Birkenmeier, this autobiographical show about Ms. Sobule, starring her, explores her adolescence. Tickets for this pre-recorded event for և over: more են are offered by the Pittsburgh City Theater for $ 15.

When: Yt any time

Where: citytheatrecompany.org/play/fck7thgrade:

Test your editing skills Virtual editing of Wikipedia’s Art ինfeminism by the National Museum of Women Art. This event, presented by Wikimedia DC, will focus on enriching and enhancing the posts of prominent female artists և on art figures in Wikipedia, with a special focus on women painters կանանց women of African descent whose works are in the museum’s collection. People of all genders are invited to participate in this free event. Registration is required. Attendance is limited to 80.


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