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There is no smell in “Rangers” on the 21st; the team moves from long-term 2B

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Rangers second-in-command Rugnd Odor has been told he will not be on the starting line-up after moving to third base this spring.

Baseball operations chief Jon on Daniels said the Rangers have no day-to-day role for Hot. The 27-year-old striker մն has two seasons left և $ 24.6 million with his six-year contract, և $ 3 million purchase for the team option worth $ 13.5 million in 2023.

“I think what really led to that was that we made a decision that was obviously a pretty clear direction for the future,” he said. And playing him every day was not in our plans this year, “Daniels said. “As we look forward to it, we think we will have some young players. “And we did not think it was in his best interest or in our best interest for the issue to become a kind of bench.”

The Rangers immediately made an appointment with Odor, and the team was exploring a possible trade before the start of the season on Thursday to formally submit its roster. Daniels said he did not have to find a place to trade, that the team did not ask Odor for a small league.

Daniels said veteran infiltrators Brock Holt, who grew up to be a Rangers fan, and Charlie Calberson, both of whom will form the team after leaving the camp as non-roster invitees. Nick Solak will be the second starting point.

In 38 games reduced by the 2020 epidemic, Odor led Texas by 30 RBI, matching Joe Gallo with the team’s top 10 homers. But Odor struck only. In 167, seven of his 11 blows in September were homers, while he scored 47 times in 138 bats. He hit .205 in the full 2019 season. In his 858 appearances for Rangers since his debut in 2014, he has scored 237 with 146 for և 458 RBI.


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