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The women’s team is making history in car racing in Argentina

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BUENOS AIRES (AP) – Standing in the starting line-up, team leader Tamara Vital stroked the white Chevrolet roof number 31 on the roof and prayed.

Beside him, with his hands stained with fat, mechanic Agustina Carrera was instructing the driver Rozio Migliore before the historic moment for them – the car race in Argentina.

The three are part of the Vitarti girls’ team, the first of which is the all-female team that competed in the Top Race Junior series in Argentina. During their debut last Sunday, the newcomers took second place at the Oscar-Juan Galves track in Buenos Aires.

Although many racing competitions are open to both men and women drivers, it is rare to see women who make up the entire crew, check engines, put on tires, and analyze race time.

“Racing has been inclusive since its inception, but there have not been many opportunities for girls to work technically,” 27-year-old Vital, who founded the team, told the Associated Press. “We decided to create a team for that purpose to show that they can also have a place in the race.”

The team of engineers և mechanics wore black T-shirts արդ pink pants as they carefully refueled, inspected engine parts, and measured car tire pressure that could accelerate to 134 mph (215 km / h). ,

Although each member of the team has their own role to play, they are constantly exchanging views during the event.

“This is my first race as a mechanic,” said Carreira, who was taught by his grandfather to work with plates and then studied electricity and mechanics. Two largely male fields in Argentina. “The only place in my career where I did not face prejudice was in this race.”

For the past five years, Argentine women have led mass protests against sexist violence, pushing for gender equality to become a central part of the country’s social agenda. The legalization of the right to abortion in 2020 was part of that change, which also affected sports.

The country’s women’s soccer league became professional in 2019, և a year later the transgender woman got the right to play in the top group team.

It was difficult for the Vitarti girls’ team to find sponsors, իտ Vital noted that they only have the budget to compete in two more races.

In his debut, the team led the race, while Migliore, who started in eighth place, made a mistake in the final.

“I lost due to lack of experience,” he said.

The teammates hugged him and cried, hoping that their race had just begun.


Associated Press reporter Deborah Ray contributed to this report.


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