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The woman refuses to wear a mask in Texas and is arrested again

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GALVESTON, Texas (AP) – An Oregon woman who was filmed on camera by a police body wearing a mask at a Texas bank last week refused to wear a mask at another Texas business.

Terry Wright, 65, had already received an arrest warrant last Thursday at a Bank of America branch in Galveston, Texas. In the video, he mocks the officer, asking if he is going to arrest him.

Police arrested Wright on Wednesday after he entered an office in Texas and said he would not cover his nose or mouth to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Alain Bierke said. He was arrested on Galveston warrants for misconduct and resisting arrest.

Wright, from Great Pass, Oregon, was taken into custody without incident.

Gov. Greg Abbott last week canceled state orders requiring people to wear face masks in public in Texas, saying businesses should decide for themselves which properties require COVID-19 precautions. Many companies have followed their own mask rules.

In a widely watched video of Wright confronting a Galveston Bank officer, Wright stands in the bank lobby, surrounded by other customers, all in masks.

The officer asks him to go out or put on a mask. He refuses.

“What are you going to do? Arrest me.” he asks.

He answers. “Yes, to invade territory.”

“It’s ridiculous,” he replies.

When the officer took off his handcuffs, he left and started walking towards the door. The officer stopped him and forced him to the ground to put on handcuffs.

Wright’s bond was set at $ 3,000, according to police. He was being held in Galveston County Jail on Wednesday afternoon.


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