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The Westminster Dog Show returns to NYC in January 2022

NEW YORK (AP) – Show dogs will once again spend the day at Madison Square Garden when the Westminster Kennel Club show returns in January after coronavirus warnings signaled a move to the suburbs this spring.

The club announced on Thursday that the final rounds of next year will be held as usual in the popular arena, although earlier than usual, but on January 25-26. The preliminary rounds will take place at the announced venue, starting on January 24, after the agility championship to be held on January 22 at the same venue.

Westminster, meanwhile, is preparing for many different shows this year.

It will be outside near a riverfront estate in Tarritown, 40 miles (40 km) from Manhattan, on June 12-13 instead of February, apparently for the first time without spectators. According to the club, the multi-day event typically draws between 35,000 and 40,000 people.

This year, for the first time in the show’s 144-year history, it will be mentioned that it will not be anywhere in Manhattan, and for the first time in a century, the best of the show awards will not be presented at the Garden.

Fans can watch the latest rounds on Fox. The preliminary rounds, including the preliminary rounds of the Mobility Competition on June 11, will be broadcast on the Westminster website.



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