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The Vikings enjoy the boost of experience with the arrival of Patrick Peterson

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Minnesota CEO Rick Spielman was sitting in his living room at Atlanta airport last week, ending his scouting job in Georgia when his phone rang.

Patrick Peterson’s agent Joel Segal was interested in the Vikings’ interest in the Pro Bowl’s eight-corner answer.

There was no hesitation on the part of Spielman, but only uncertainty as to whether they could agree to a contract that would satisfy the 10-year-old veteran and match the high salary situation of the team.

“We talked about him during our free agency meetings, but we did not think we would have a legal blow,” Spielman said.

To find a solution, after relying again on the club’s famous rapper Brzezinski, the head of the famous club Rob Brzezinski, Spielman sent to Peterson the recruitment video, which was for pre-epidemic individual visits. Coach Mike Zim registered to chat.

Two hours later, a deal was struck with the former Arizona cardinal, who will start his 11th season in the NFL with a one-year contract worth at least $ 8 million.

“I know how excited Coach Zim, is, և our defense is starting to work with him և the experience he is going to bring to our young team in the back, ‘” Spielman told Peterson at a virtual news conference on Monday. With Minnesota reporters, but did not ask questions. “I also know that he has a lot of football left, usually when you bet on the guys who have his family tree, you are going to play some great football. I know he has a lot to prove to many people. “He had nothing to prove to us, because we already know what kind of footballer he is.”

Peterson, 30, for the record, predictably does not believe he is old.

“My dreams and aspirations were to play for 16 years. I feel quite healthy. “I have not had any serious injuries in my career, so I feel incredible,” said Peterson.

The Vikings were convinced they could use his wisdom and wisdom in the previous season.

Mike Hughes ոլ Holton Hill started as the main corner defenders, both 23 years old, with more than 25 games of professional experience entering 2020. Chris Boyd was in his second season. Ff ef Gladney, Cameron Dunzler և Harrison Hand were newcomers.

If the growing pains did not hit the group hard enough, the injuries pushed them back. Gladney և Dunzler, a potential cornerstone of the coming years, gained considerable experience, but there was little else to save from the season. Hill was released. After his selection in the first round of the 2018 championship, Hughes has an unnoticeable place in the list after a year of suffering from the third consecutive injury.

Peterson, then, will have fully responsible hands. He also did not come to play safely, as some corner defenders do in the twilight of their careers.

“I have had good times. I have had bad times. “As long as I find a way to stay true to the script, to fall back on my feet, I know I will be fine,” said Peterson, who has never missed an injury game. “So now that I have a fresh start, new scenery, fresh air, I think it will be great for me.”


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